Gluten Free Quinoa Ready to Eat!

Have breakfast ready on wake-up with Quinoa Queen Cereal, rich in amino acids! Just pour the raw milk with natural digestive enzymes over this toasted, vegetarian cereal. And perfect for the gluten free diet – no other flour mixed into these healthy cereal, ready-to-eat quinoa recipes. And if you see type 2 diabetes symptoms coming your way, get started with the one ingredient, unsweetened selection of this ready to eat cereal. Or keep in mind that vegan recipes can be enhanced with this good source of protein and naturally high fiber breakfast food.

Make Your Own Quinoa Recipes using this Cereal as a Base

Now peanut butter cornflake cookies can boast quinoa cereal! Or consider these O shapes of nutrition for in the crust of the ice cream pie instead of pretzels. Perhaps make bars by melting a few marsh mellows and chocolate bars, then stir in Quinoa Queen Cereal. Or season with poppy seeds for a muffin mix flavored snack as a quinoa recipe.

Another suggestion yet, serve with healthful whole fat yogurt. And for a summer treat, freeze together for frozen yogurt bars. Or try mixing bananas and yogurt with this cereal for a cold easy dessert cookie treat.

But try these with this recipe from the early 80’s; melt ¼ cup 100% grass fed butter in a 10” skillet and add 4 cups of the Unsweetened Quinoa Queen Cereal. Make it savory with garlic or spices and herbs.

Gluten Free Diet Food for Celiac Disease

While some folks are just looking for gluten free foods, others must have a gluten free diet due to having Celiac Disease. Quinoa is gluten free. And so, you may want to include this in the salad for the neighborhood picnic. And with it being ready to eat, you need no time for cooking it as most quinoa recipes require. Or try some of that buttered recipe goods mentioned above for extra delight!

Besides the crunch for a salad, I really enjoy snacking on the Citrus Bliss as I am traveling. With the nice crunchy texture, it helps with boredom and drowsiness for me. Very pleasant and refreshing too.

Protein. And Protein with 9 Amino Acids.

This grain hold all 9 amino acids in the high protein food offered to us. Then with the fiber content and higher protein in it, this healthy cereal makes a great breakfast. And realizing the rapidly rising type 2 diabetes symptoms in America, we ought to choose better food with more proteins.

A Paleo Diet Food

Ancient grains and Paleo hunter-gatherers have become very popular. Known as the “Mother of All Grains”, this grain has captured great fame by healthy quinoa recipes. And now since healthy snacks are often gluten free, this gives another option from just the right gluten free grain. And Quinoa Queen has met this challenge by offering a 1 oz. snack bag to eat on the go. So now you can look for this offering in 3 options: organic unsweetened; organic lightly sweetened; and Citrus Bliss.

Vegan or vegetarian or omnivore, you can enjoy Quinoa Queen. And following Paleo diets or vegan fare, you can crunch on this healthy snack.