1 lb. Organic Salted Roll Butter

  • Organic
  • Grass & Grain Fed Cows
  • Vat Pasteurized
  • Celtic Sea Salt
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1 lb. Organic Salted Roll Butter

Made with healthful, organic grass fed milk from pure pastures, roll-butter offers a great slice for your morning of bulletproof coffee! Then too, packed similarly to that of the Amish roll butter, Swiss Villa grass butter in rolls bears a rich yellow color. This speaks to the grass fed properties. The healthy fats of grass-fed butter carry a great supply of vitamins and other super goods.

CLA in Grass Butter

Grass butter and milk holds higher CLA levels than that of commodity milk. Studies point to CLA benefits including cancer fighting properties. Additionally, studies claim these possible benefits: heart health, helps control type 2 diabetes, fights inflammation and boosts the immune system. And besides that, it may help shed a few pounds as studies suggest its role in weight loss while maintaining lean muscle mass. Choose organic grass butter for health fitness!

GMO Free Small Family Farms

You might not be able to have the family cow to serve your family the rich goodness of grass fed milk and butter. But you can rest assured, the cows producing the Swiss Villa organic roll butter graze on pure pastures. Yes, those pure pastures grow GMO free grasses! Wholesome dairy choices point towards the small family farm. Butter from organic pastures can add healthful fats to a high fat diet. And so eat fat without concerns of chemicals and otherÊissues that might bring negative influences on your health. Imagine enjoying grass-fed organic butter regularly as if it were from your family cow!

Organic Grass-Butter for Breakfast Recipes

Adding fats to your diet in the morning will not kick you out of Ketosis! Buttery fried eggs. Butter in your morning coffee. And butter on a keto friendly almond flour pastry. Yes, all great for maintaining the keto condition.

But beyond that, bake keto bread with grass-butter.Ê SautŽ keto veggies in real butter. And then too, fry keto friendly chicken in the values of grass-fed butter!

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Weight18 oz

9 reviews for 1 lb. Organic Salted Roll Butter

  1. Anonymous

    Love it 😍

  2. Anonymous

    Great for cooking, ultra fast shipping! Thank you Swiss Villa!

  3. Anonymous

    Delicious as usual!

  4. Anonymous

  5. Anonymous

    Love this butter, absolutely the creamiest.

  6. Anonymous

    Love this on everything, toast, bread, corn in the cob.

  7. Cheryl

    Great on everything!

  8. Anonymous

    I love Swiss Villa butter, thank you for the high quality delicious butter. Grass fed! ❤️

  9. Erica Y.

    Grateful to have access to this! Delivery is quick (I am about 2.5hrs away)

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