Half Pint Pasteurized Camel Milk


Camel Milk

  • Chemical Free Farming
  • Grass & Grain Fed
  • GMO Free
  • Soy Free
  • Pasteurized Milk
  • Frozen
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Camel milk for Diabetes?

Experimental studies point to favorable effects on glycemic control. Diabetics need to reduce insulin resistance. In other words their insulin is not being effective. So if camel milk overcomes insulin resistance, it thereby can lower fasting blood sugar levels.

Professor Morris of Cardiff Metropolitan University says Ò[camel] milk may prevent the inflammation associated with diabetes. . . However we canÕt say for certain whether camel milk ÔcuresÕ diabetes.Ó Further study results bear testimony to camel milk health benefits in Functional Foods in Health & Disease.

Medicinal Food

Camel milk traditionally treated jaundice, dropsy, asthma, and tuberculosis. (WHO) World Health Organization has recommended further study to determine the proposed health benefits of camel milk.

Camel Milk for Brain Conditions and Autism Spectrum Disorder

During 2012-2013, a study in Saudi Arabia involving 65 children (mostly autistic boys). After 2 weeks they showed positive signs from camel milk consumption. Specifically the study results state: camel milk could be very promising therapeutic intervention in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Clinical studies report that camel milk diets like gluten-free diets and casein-free diets do product positive results in autism symptoms. However, more studies need to be completed for absolute claims to be made regarding the effectiveness of using camel milk for children with autism or other brain disorders.

Pure & Wholesome

Swiss Villa camel milk provides you with clean eating. No corn. No soy. And no GMO grain. Milk intolerance prompted folks to buy soy milk, the followed by other milk alternatives. However too much soy has complications as well. Enjoy a different real milk without the trail of milk allergies. You will need to decide for yourself. Will it benefit my health? But rest assured, antibiotic free and chemical free farming even with camel milk sustains a healthy environment. Try your camel milk half pint today.

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Weight10 oz

6 reviews for Half Pint Pasteurized Camel Milk

  1. Edward Lach

  2. Louis Armezzani

    The quality of this milk is incredible, I use it to make cheese and it’s the best we have seen or tasted.

  3. Louis Armezzani

    Absolutely incredible product!

  4. Sandra Otte

    Product and service are excellent but expensive.

  5. Philip M.

    We made great cheese with these

  6. Anonymous

    Swiss Villa’s sheep milk is excellent. I can’t find sheep milk as good as this anywhere else.

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