Pint Pasteurized Camel Milk


Camel Milk

  • Chemical Free Farming
  • Grass & Grain Fed
  • GMO Free
  • Soy Free
  • Pasteurized Milk
  • Frozen
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A Slight Salty Taste

To begin with, get your minerals from camel milk. Magnesium and zinc present their values via camel milk. It leaves a very clean palate similarly to goat milk but without the gamey taste. But besides that, consider the super-food protein quality coming with this lower fat milk. Also folks with lactose intolerance usually have no allergic reactions to camel milk.

You donÕt have to go to a desert farm to find camel milk. On line grocery shopping via Swiss Villa enables camel milk home delivery to your door.

Autism and Camel Milk

Lactose intolerance often accompanies autism. Some believe the inferior A1 protein genetic mutation may even contribute to the rise in autistic children.

Numerous folks testify that their autistic child showed improvement with the use of camel milk. Perhaps it does have a place along with speech therapy? Will the claims for ADHD improvement also be scientifically verified?

A Real Boy

Read one motherÕs testimonial; A Real Boy. We canÕt promise any results. More studies may define a definite role as to how to use camel milk to treat cognitive disorders. In other words, if you choose camel milk to treat an autistic child, it will be according to your own decisions.

Insulin Benefits

This medicinal food yields yet another point beyond ABA therapy. In addition to overcoming food allergies, some folks use it due to the possible insulin benefits to diabetics. Diabetes challenges are expensive. At times they lead to amputations and death. Would camel milk a difference for you or your loved one?

Soy Free GMO Free

Too many soy estrogens raise concerns. Much of our food production sources from soy and GMO grains. Swiss Villa camel milk production uses only non-GMO feed. The camels never eat soybeans or other soy products. Enjoy soy-estrogen-free milk from camels!

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