Egg Salad for Summer Picnics and Beyond

Getting ready for the barbecue cookout? Or how about an easy egg salad recipe? We all like deviled eggs; but egg salad can be so much less work. And it can be served is so many ways — in a sandwich, on crackers, as a base for a pepper salad or topping on a slice of fresh tomato! And keeping a bowl in the refrigerator offers quick healthy snacks for children and adults.

Simple Egg Salad Recipe Ingredients

12 hard cooked eggs (choose pasture-raised, organic or cage free)

½ cup Mayonnaise

½ cup Pickle Relish (Or you may grind sweet dill pickles.)

1 Tbsp. Raw Honey (Stockin’s Raw Wildflower Honey)

1 Tbsp. prepared mustard

¾ teaspoon Real Salt

Simple Steps to Follow for Egg Salad

1.       Hard cook and peel the eggs according to our recommended ice water technique for a quick easy-to-peel method.

2.       Then grind the eggs through a baby food grinder or other small food grinder.

3.       Next combine all ingredients and stir well.

4.       Lastly, refrigerate a few hours for best flavor.

Serving Suggestions for This Egg Salad Recipe

On a Sandwich

My childhood memories of refreshing egg salad comes from eating an egg salad sandwich. While I always really enjoyed deviled eggs, egg salad rated quite high as well. And what good ideas of healthy snacks packed with protein! But today you might be able to pick up an egg salad sandwich at the convenience counter along with a barbecue sandwich. But certainly, it will pale beside your homemade egg salad recipe.

Make your homemade sandwich using Sylvia’s Spelt Breads. Spelt flour digests easier than wheat flour even though spelt still naturally does have some gluten in it. And cut a few slices of goat milk cheddar to place on the sandwich along with lettuce.

In a Cucumber

Refreshing to start with, but just a bit more cooling when eaten with a cucumber. Cut the cucumber in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Then fill the center with egg salad! Serves well for a summer evening patio barbecue supper.

For additional variations, top with feta goat cheese. Or step up a bit with the cave-aged, sheep milk feta. Fresh chives and other savories can add special touches to your culinary ventures.

With Diced Sweet Peppers

Dice sweet bell peppers. Then stir plenty of them into the egg salad. And the set the dish out as a ready-to-eat salad. Fresh veggie crunch with goodness of egg salad. Take this dish with you to the next neighborhood picnic barbecue. But don’t wait to try it until then; start out today with a sampling of this egg salad for the family. They will appreciate it.

And again, for variation chop a few fresh onions to add to the mixture! Besides, did you know that eggs combined with veggie salads are said to increase the values you get out of the veggies?

Over the Top of a Slice of Tomato

What’s better that a fresh tomato? It’s the slice with egg salad spread over the top of it! Then garnish with a bit of parsley for delicate, healthful dining.

Place a few sprigs of fresh dill weed over the top. Or serve with spring onions. Whatever else you may choose to spruce it up, just remember to eat healthy, fresh veggies with this delicious egg salad recipe.

As a Dip

Egg salad is great for eating with crackers or celery. Taco chips and pretzels pair well with this easy to make egg salad, too. Healthy snacks don’t need to be boring. And especially not with this egg salad.

Consider the Value of Eggs for Healthy Snacks

 Some folks go on egg diets to lose weight. Others eat eggs for healthy fats. And yet some others simply enjoy eating eggs as they are so easy to use in so many dishes. If the nutrients of veggies assimilate into our bodies better with eggs, we need to make certain to eat eggs with veggies daily. And all of that for a very low economical sum.

I suggest trying to source your eggs from small farms where the hens are pasture raised. Eat more grass fed foods for better health.

Then following that comes the organic egg selections. And beyond that opt for the cage free eggs. But please consider sourcing them from the smaller more local operations rather than the mega million hen factory farming operations.

If you perchance can find medium organic eggs from Alderfer’s, I highly recommend them. Why? Because these eggs usually come from young hens just starting to lay. Here is quality food. Yes, and packed with fresh vitality. You see, the hen’s body has not become depleted from laying over a longer period of time. And so, these first fruits, although smaller in size than normal, tend to hold good nutrient values.

Most of all, I welcome you to try this recipe. And I wish you good health as you share healthful snacks and find enjoyable, truly enriching relationships throughout the summer days, whether at family barbecues church picnics, or neighborhood gatherings. Forget the deviled eggs for this summer and keep the egg recipe for egg salad handy! And don’t forget to share the recipe with others.