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Why Are Those Eggs Blue?

Most of us have heard of green eggs and ham. But blue eggs from chickens? Yes. And there are pink eggs! Plus you can find varied shades of these colors along with the brown and white shell eggs. Why are foodies looking for green eggs and blue eggs from non GMO fed hens? Are the cholesterol levels actually lower? Some of these traits may be found in pasture raised eggs rather than just the shell color.

Egg shell color is determined by genetics

Blue egg shells come from the hens with the genetics that produce blue coloring in the shell. This product from a genetic mutation has been highlighted by the foodie world and consequently, many folks are looking to buy these blue green chicken eggs.

Many folks believe that brown chickens lay brown eggs and white chickens lay white eggs. That may or may not be the case. It all depends on the breed of the chicken. Leghorns lay white eggs and the varied plumages of the rock breeds lay brown eggs. Brown leghorns lay white eggs. The same is for the black leghorns. And white rocks lay brown eggs just the same as black rocks.

And some of the blue egg layers do have blue feathers! But even so some other breeds of chickens that lay white eggs and brown eggs have a blue plumage.

Do blue eggs carry less cholesterol?

According to some folks they believe they do. But one study in Oklahoma says they have more cholesterol than white or brown eggs have. Kansas State University also has studied this and concludes there in no significant difference.

The Araucana Chicken, a domestic breed of chicken from Chile, lays a blue shelled egg. Also a couple other breeds from China also lay blue eggs. And then we have the green eggs from a breed called Olive Egger.

When it comes to cholesterol concerns from eggs, make sure you use pasture raised eggs and then enjoy the benefits of healthy cholesterol found in these eggs. Recent studies show that the cholesterol in eggs provide positive health benefits. And if you source them from non GMO fed, soy free fed, truly pasture raised hens, you should have a good egg!

Blue Eggs are not always pasture raised eggs

As the call for blue eggs increases, more folks are taking interest in producing them. Morning chores build better habits in children as well as provide a great therapy for learning. And backyard hobbyists enjoy gathering multicolored eggs. And at the same time large egg companies are looking at how they might get on board with selling these coveted goods. But Swiss Villa offers these multi colored eggs from very small flocks by numerous small farms where the pasture raised eggs are for real. Blue eggs, green eggs, and varied pinks and browns from Araucana and Ameraucan chickens fed soy free and non GMO feeds.

And remember, the farmer packs these multicolored eggs into the carton on the farm. And since we do not use a commercial grading and washing facility, we call them unclassified eggs. Enjoy real green eggs from green farming!