Whats cooking for dinner? How about some antibiotic free, small farmed, boneless skinless chicken breast?  And it’s coming from sustainable farming! Large scale producers and marketers advertise as having free range chicken. But their chicken was just raised in barns. And likely large CAFO barns at that. Locust Point Farm sources their chickens from small family farms in central PA with small flocks . Thus the Chesapeake Choice chicken makes an excellent option for your baked chicken recipe.

Free range chicken found in today’s supermarkets

Today you can find “free range” chicken in most every grocer’s meat case. Just what does that mean? Many folks visualize the young chickens running around in outdoor grasses, scratching in the soil and searching through grasses to find a juicy worm or bug. But this is far from the reality. Have you ever considered how many acres it would take to produce the volume of free range chicken sold in America if this were the case? And then, how could it be produced at such a low cost?

In order to legally be sold as free range, the birds have “outdoor access”. This does not really mean the chickens go outside. Rather, small doors are installed along the outside walls of the large building housing these chickens. But seldom if ever do the chickens go outside. The producers do not even really want them going out.

You see, these chickens have genetics to grow very fast compared to what the original chickens did. In fact, they also produce much more breast meat than normal chickens would produce. This has been developed by selective genetic breading. And so, the young chickens grow very fast but their legs are not strong enough to run at large like normal chickens would. Consequently, they stay close by to the feed and water supply.

And so these are simply barn raised chickens. Yet they are presented as free range chicken due to having “outside access”. Antibiotic free chicken is not really raised outdoors, but hopefully you can choose a source of small farmed chicken raised without antibiotics for your next chicken recipe.

Skinless boneless choices for less fats and more protein

Americans are needing to watch their calories. And so fats have been a focus. Protein is proven to be a good help in reducing weight gain, while enriching muscles.

Many health practitioners encourage eating more white meat. White meat has less bad cholesterol and fats than the iron rich red meats. And this lower fat food presents high protein. In fact the protein is the basic nutritional reason to eat chicken. And so, eating more chicken can be advantageous if you wish to lose weight.

Boneless chicken is very nice to cook for small children who might not be able to pick out the bones properly. And so parents might choose boneless breast meat for a safe choice for their children. But then too, grilling boneless chicken at the cook out presents a cleaner atmosphere of dining.

But chicken naturally comes tied to the bones and with skin on it! And just under this skin is often tucked some added fats. So dieters most often want chicken without the skin to avoid additional fat intake. Chesapeake Choice chicken processed at Locust Point Farm comes in boneless skinless options of both the white breast meat and the darker meat from the thighs. Ad value to you chicken recipe by choosing local.

Skinless boneless chicken breasts present delightful options for deep fat fried chicken, if you want the high fat diet foods rich in healthful coconut oil fat or other healthful choices.

Bone broth values and benefits from Bone-In Chicken

The now popular Paleo diet calls for bone broth. As bones are cooked, they release healing compounds such as proline, collagen, glutamine and glycine. And so you might find health from the ligaments, tendons, and marrow from the skin, bones and even the feet of the chickens you cook.

Sally Fallon of Weston A. Price Foundation tells of the beautiful benefits of bone broth. Sally joined Dr. Kaayla Daniel in authoring the popular book, Nourishing Broth. Simply choose the whole bird for a baked chicken recipe. Or add chicken necks and feet to the stock pot for added nutrients along with the normal chicken recipe you serve. You do not need to serve the necks and feet or even reveal to the diners you added them if they might object to the thought! Yet the values would be in the broth.

Just remember, after you have cooked your chicken don’t discard the broth. If you are not using it in the present meal, store it in the refrigerator. Heat it to enjoy a broth and cracker meal or turn it into gravy to serve over mashed potatoes of waffles. Cook rice in chicken broth for your rice and chicken recipe. And keep some broth in your freezer for the unexpected rainy day of a bad cold or for a light food for the flu or upset stomach but yet very nourishing.

Modernization has refined the true values of many food sources. Just keep in mind that the old-fashioned ways of home cooking and frugality were not as backwards as sometimes noted. Enjoy the tasty broth from your chicken and enjoy health.

Ground chicken burgers or meat loaf

Just want to offer burgers on the grill, yet have white meat chicken benefits? Well Locust Point Farm offers ground chicken for barbeque burgers via a chicken recipe. You may add an egg from grass fed hens to help hold the burgers together if you care to. Mix the whole egg through the meat along with seasonings or chopped onion and peppers as you choose. Then form the patties and place them on the grill. Serve with bread and butter pickles over them for a juicy, vinegar flavor. Or you might wish to slice Spelt Hamburger Buns from Sylvia’s All Natural bakery for an easy-to-digest bread to wrap them in.

But you may make a Christmas dinner meat loaf with ground chicken instead of beef. Again, you consider the value of eggs for binding the naturally drier meat together. Place potatoes around the sides while you bake it in glass serving bakeware. When ready to serve, top with raw kimchi for beauty and for health. You may also cover your meat loaf entirely with mashed potatoes for baking.

Or yet for another chicken recipe — try mock ham loaf with adding ground chicken for a healthier serving!

Ground chicken is a very versatile choice for using this white meat. Add it to soups. Substitute it for beef in casseroles. Place on your homemade pizza for less fat and healthier food.

Chicken for the Cookout!

As summer comes and goes, so the backyard grilling gatherings move quickly into memories. Make you next cookout with pleasant memories using chicken from sustainable farming. Taste the difference of small-farmed fresh chicken. Chesapeake Choice Chicken grows in PA in small flocks of around 3000 to 5000 birds. Choose this much smaller-scale product than most of the chicken production in America.

We believe you will be pleased with your choice of the Chesapeake Choice from Locust Point Farm. Choose the split bone-in breast. Or pick the whole legs, and you will have quality raised, young tender meat for your guests. Serve family, friends or neighbors with good chicken for happy memories. Enjoy your cookout! So start with a good chicken source from sustainable farming!

Swiss Villa offers Locust Point Farm Chesapeake Choice Chicken from Sustainable Farming

Swiss Villa recommends Chesapeake Choice antibiotic free barn raised chicken. They source from smaller-scale farms. And Locust Point is a small processing facility. It compliments our selection of small farmed goods. It is USDA inspected. Knowing the high standards of Locust Point’s inspections, consumers can have confidence in the product safety.

In general, family operations tend to give a much better care to the humane treatment of their animals. And consequently the health needs are cared for in a timely manner, producing better food. Small farms are simply the best. Smaller flocks of growing chickens have better environments of more fresh air and better health.

Raised without antibiotics, chicken from Locust Point Farm gives you a great choice to support sustainable farming. Forego the appeal of so-called free range chicken and choose wisely sustainable farming!

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