Why Goat Milk Kefir?

Some studies say that goat milk nutrients are more bioavailable than cow milk. Smaller molecules make up the milk composition ften resulting in less lactose intolerance. And too, because of this, calcium, iron, and other nutrients present themselves more readily available. And can goat kefir work for an asthma treatment? Goat milk kefir arguments only begin here.

Kefir, a fermented dairy product, feeds many in Russia. This cultured item holds more probiotics than yogurt. Furthermore kefirs have yeasts. These yeasts give it a carbonated taste due to the low level of alcohol produced during the fermentation.

The ancient fermentation process “eats” the lactose (sugars of the milk) and turns them into lactic acid. Thus folks struggling with lactose intolerance can usually consume kefir without a reaction. Many health practitioners recommend kefir consumption for lactose intolerance.

In addition to improvements for the lactose intolerance, normally kefirs have a dozen or more different strains of healthful bacteria while yogurt may only have one or two.

And now, compare it to Greek yogurt. To make Greek yogurt, you drain off the whey. But unfortunately, many valuable minerals and nutrients are in the whey! Perhaps this is why kefir has more nutrients in it than yogurt.

Goat Milk Kefir Enables Bodies to Absorb More Nutrients

Vitamin K2 helps assimilate calcium

Goat milk kefir presents a better-to-assimilate calcium for our bodies. This is because of the Vitamin K2.Vitamin K2 helps assimilate calcium.  Bacterial fermentation (which happens in making kefir) produces vitamin K2. And since vitamin K2 helps assimilate calcium in our bodies, we should get more naturally in the food we eat to properly utilize the calcium we consume. Overall, Americans lack Vitamin K2.

Biotin Vitamin B  Assimilation Aid

The biotin vitamin B assimilation aid, helps bring other B vitamins into the body as well as Vitamin D. Additionally, biotin is a necessary component for the synthesis of essential fatty acids. A biotin deficiency can lead to muscle ache, a dry skin and symptoms of depression. Kefir encapsulates rich stores of biotin vitamin B assimilation — key to healthful nervous systems.

Choosing goat kefir gives our bodies better ability to absorb important nutrients: vitamin k2 helps assimilate calcium and biotin vitamin B assimilation. Don’t depend on dead pills for your vitamin source!

Goat Milk Holds More GABA 

Science has discovered that goat milk contains an amino acid that is very important to brain function as well as the function of the central nervous system. GABA likely has been the reason so many folks have ran after camel milk for a possible help in autism. But if you can get this amino acid and benefits from goat milk, there is a significant difference in the cost.

Swiss Villa also offers raw goat milk which some folks feel presents more GABA than pasteurized milks, thus giving hope for better results for autistic problems. And Dr. Mercola suggests that raw milk might be a help rather than a hindrance to child with autism.

Other Goat Kefir Benefits

The fermentation of kefir produces Kefiran. The sugar by-product offers an abundance of valuable bacteria, lactic acid. So consequently, kefir provides many healthful bacteria that inhibit the growth bad bacteria.

For an anti-inflammatory food source, choose kefir. It also has positive effects on cholesterol and blood pressure.

Kefir is used to help in asthma treatment. Research has identified two probiotics, lactobacilli and bifid bacteria. These both have antioxidant properties beneficial for the management of allergies and asthma treatment. Furthermore, goat milk generally does not cause mucus as cow milk does.

Studies have also shown kefir to reduce cancerous tumors. And goat milk kefir offers antioxidant properties. These can prevent a wide variety of diseases beyond cancer.

Kefir is easily digested. And it cleanses the intestines. But consider the healing effects of goat milk. Then couple those facts with the values of it turned into kefir, you have a real win. Dr. Oz remarks of goat’s milk being high in calcium and good for your heart. “Plus, researchers believe it could protect against Alzheimer’s and heart disease.” He says.

Goat milk is less acid than cow milk. And then it digests into more of an alkaline food. Alkaline foods balance our PH to be more prepared against many diseases.

Swiss Villa’s goat milk kefir is produced on a goat dairy using no GMO feds and no soy in the feed. Once regarded as an exceptional healthful food, soy has fallen into a questionable area.  Studies show serious affects of soy and therefore many questions of its safety have risen.

The Decision for Goat Kefir

So whether it is the issues of biotin vitamin B assimilation, or that vitamin K2 helps assimilate calcium, or that lactose intolerance might be cleared with goat milk kefir, you will need to decide for yourself. If you select goat Swiss Villa raw goat milk cheese to enhance your program of asthma treatment, we wish you success. Or if the facts from studies showing kefir reducing cancerous tumors convince you to try it or not, we simply accept your choice.

But we do want you to enjoy fully healthful, nutritious foods. And we collect food from small local farms here in Central Pennsylvania. Every purchase you make of items from small farms is another step in sustainable change. It promotes overall vitality of healthy local community economics. Small farming is a major step in regenerative agriculture. Thanks for supporting small scale family farming and businesses.

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