Why go for Goat Cheese, Raw?

Raw milk goat cheese presents an abundance of healthful nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, fatty acids and more are waiting to nourish your body with easier digestion. Some folks call goat milk the most complete food known. Perhaps you will delight in the flavor of raw Gouda Cheese made with goat milk. But let’s consider more details on why go for goat cheese, and the various benefits of living foods easy to digest such as in the raw goat milk cheese from Swiss Villa.

Go for goat cheese, raw — Easier digestion

Goat milk’s much easier digestion makes it a better choice than cow’s milk. Goat milk’s smaller fat molecules  break down in our stomachs easier than cow’s milk. Thus our body can digest the nutrients easier and assimilate the nutrients into the blood stream better.

Goat milk digests in about 20 minutes while cow’s milk takes 2 or 3 hours to digest. Hard to digest food makes the stomach overwork. This then can cause harm to our digestive system and even beyond into other systems. And since goat milk easier digestion is one of the foods easier to digest, it is often recommended as the better option.

The Swiss Villa raw goat milk  raw cheeses are made with 100% goat milk. Enjoy easier digestion by choosing raw goat milk cheese.

Go for goat cheese, raw — Less allergic reactions

Goat milk causes much less allergic reactions. A very interesting part of this might be because of the different protein goat milk contains. Much of the American cow milk is from cows producing the A1A1 protein. This problematic protein is defined more clearly in the Devil in the Milk by Keith Woodford.

Rest assured, goat milk does not have the A1A1 protein problem. Goats give the A2A2 protein such as the older heritage breed cows had produced. And so, Swiss Villa Raw Milk Goat cheese offers you healthful proteins that your body can much easier digest.

Go for goat cheese, raw – More available calcium and selenium

Goat milk offers 13% more calcium than cow’s milk. But that is not all. It has the highest assimilated forms of calcium of any dairy. And we need calcium for our bones as well as for our brains!

Pasteurizing milk destroys the phosphatase. Phosphatase is a naturally occurring enzyme in raw milk that helps is vital in the assimilation of calcium. Without phosphatase, the calcium in the milk does not benefit our bodies as it should. Swiss Villa raw cheese has enzymes, phosphatase included, for better digestion and nutrient assimilation.

Goat milk boasts the highest amount of selenium of any milk. And what good is selenium? Well it generally accepted as a powerful cancer prevention nutrient. In addition to its inclusion in antioxidant enzymes, it also is essential to helping the body produce its own antioxidant, glutathione peroxidase. Raw goat’s milk provides 35% more selenium than pasteurized cow’s milk.  

Go for goat cheese, raw cheeses – Living foods easy to digest

Living food gives life. Why try to ingest processed foods? Your digestive system will need to over work to break into the remaining nutrients from the processed, sterilized foods. Living foods easy to digest enhance our nutrient intake. God created our bodies to use naturally living food rather than to consume sterile, processed and fabricated nutrients. Choose life with living foods easy to digest — raw milk goat cheese is one of those!

But what about the safety of such food? This is a fair question and we should look at it objectively. There is much discussion regarding raw milk. Some folks are strictly adverse to it while others have documentation to prove that the issue is not the state of it being raw.

Greed often calls for bigger and great. Then there comes the desire to produce products with less cost. And then the problems come. Mega farming’s often poor handling procedures and improper production causes much of the food contamination. Here is another reason to insist on small-scale family farms where the owners are hands on in the production of foods provided to the consumers.

Furthermore, all raw cheeses must be aged for 60 days before being sold. The FDA has stipulated this. They believe that if any pathogens, if present during the time of cheese making, would have been exterminated during that aging time frame.

Go for goat cheese, raw – Healing properties

Goat milk and health benefits go hand in hand. But additionally, to regain lost health, a person may find goat milk to be healing and curing. Goat’s milk and goat milk products help with inflammatory bowel disease. Additionally remember we benefit our stomachs with eating more foods easy to digest.

Considerable amounts of fatty acids in goat milk make it a healing and healthful food. Proper fatty acids help our bodies to effectively meet the challenges of the decay and disease.

Some folks are sure of the curing power of goat’s milk. However, we cannot promise any results for anyone, but we do encourage you to eat what might be beneficial for your maladies.

And chiropractors have long recommended goat milk as one of their healing foods. Increasing numbers join in singing the praises of goat milk today. Eating raw milk goats cheese may hold some values more than just the taste, especially when looking at foods easy to digest!

Go for goat cheese, raw – Taste of Class

Does your palate allow for the taste of goat cheese? Perhaps a surprise is coming! Many folks especially enjoy the flavor of goat milk cheese. Others tend to object to the thought and taste. But most distinguished, discerning palates love goat’s milk cheeses. And raw milk cheeses hold a better taste profile than cheeses made with pasteurized milk.

While raw milk cheeses present better flavors than the pasteurized cheeses hold, yet there is an art if the making of good quality goat cheese. The cheese maker for the Swiss Villa raw milk goat cheese has had years of experience. That is partly why we hear exceptional comments on our raw goat milk cheeses as we sample them in stores.


Go for goat cheese, raw – Smaller foot prints

Yes, goats actually have a much smaller foot print than a cow. But did you know that goats have less impact on the land such as in soil erosion, manure management, and grazing? With a much smaller body, they crush less vegetation. Yet their sharp hoof will cut into the soil, providing aeration for better growth of grasses and other vegetation.

Goats immensely enjoy many weeds and nuisance vegetation. They will clean up areas over grown with brambles and brush. This diets enables them to gain nutrients and minerals from deeper in the earth’s surface as the more woody vegetation pulls from deeper in the earth than grass roots do.

Go for goat cheese, raw – Locavore Living

Goat cheese presents more opportunities for local sourcing of food. With the smaller footprint of goats, smaller operations spring up where CAFOs are not possible.

Small herds of goats can be ranged in wooded, steep terrains. These agile animals enjoy climbing on rocks and reaching to the top-most points. It’s just native to them. And these goats provide a bushel of amusement if you take the time to watch them play.

Small-scale farming is better realized with the smaller body of goats on small farms whereas the mass milk production of the highly bred cow industry fits better into the mega farming industry. But then again, just because it is from goats does not mean it is from a small family farm. Wisconsin holds two of the largest goat dairies in the US – one with 9,000 goats and another with 7,000. Please insist on local, small farmed goods for true locavore living. And make raw cheeses a part of your diet for health!

Go for goat cheese and keep it RAW! Enjoy the small farmed locally made Swiss Villa options.

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