Eat More CLA Food for Heart Health

Grass fed butter surged from the “DO NOT EAT” bad food class to a heart healthy food. Real Butter from cows with grass fed diets presents healthy CLA fatty acids. Homogenized milk carries stigma of causing heart problems. But this charge is due to the molecular changes to the fats that confuse the human body how to handle those fats. And likewise, low fat yogurts very slowly becoming darkened as the light of whole milk yogurt from 100% grass fed cows offer greater health benefits. Paleo diets reincarnate hopes of foregoing an early death from heart attacks.

Dairy Fats become heart problems when homogenized

Part of the difficulty with dairy in heart health may well be the fact of how most of the milk in America has been processed and denaturalized. This is for the facts of gaining longer shelf life and easier presentation to the consumer. But alas, how it hurts our hearts! Consequently, CLA ingestion has sadly waned as folks fear the dangers associated with drinking milk.

CLA in Real Butter

Grass fed butter has become a super food. Once substituted by margarine, the real truth has now surfaced. Along with manufactured margarine we find a higher rate of death from heart failures. CLA from grass fed butter gives healthful saturated fats for daily living.

Bulletproof coffee is just one example of the rage on butter. And some folks even say your body needs grass fed butter. According to one study in Australia, there is a 69% lower chance of dying of heart disease for those eating grass fed butter versus those not eating it.

Grass fed butter gains further publicity as studies further show evidence of the health benefits of real butter. And CLA is a tremendously important factor in this butter, making it valuable for heart health.

CLA in 100% Grass Fed Whole Milk Non Homogenized Yogurt

Consume more whole milk and full fat dairy products for more heart healthy CLA. Lancaster Local yogurt is an example of a premium whole milk 100% grass fed non homogenized yogurt. Choose the plain as the healthiest of these European style yogurts. But if you need a bit of sweetening, try the maple. But whatever, remember to stay away from the supposedly “skinny” and much advertised low fat and fat free yogurts.

CLA for Lower Cholesterol

While there is much ongoing research on CLA, studies tend to show that these fatty acids do lower bad cholesterol levels. And some studies point that when found naturally in milk, it lowers the bad cholesterol levels while sourcing it from supplements may not give any help. Definitely reducing the bad cholesterols will promote heart health. Choose 100% grass fed dairy including real butter!

Better Blood Pressure for Better Hearts via CLA

Blood pressure levels stabilize with weight reduction. And better muscle strength is gained by CLA. So in turn this gives better heart health as well. And since it promotes muscular health, remember that your heart has very much muscle in it, giving another reason to consider naturally occurring CLA for heart health.

Whether you are following paleo diets or simply wanting to transition to slower food, take a serious look at the benefits in grass fed butter, yogurts and other dairy items.