Pungent Flavor for the Discerning Palate

“Horseradish!” Immediately the flavor is in your mouth. If you hold a discerning palate, likely you will enjoy fresh horseradish sauce. A robust burst of fieriness! Yes this organic horseradish offers natural remedies for detoxing the liver and cancer prevention efforts. And this one-of-the-5 bitter herbs of the Passover seems to naturally fit with the heftier, fat-laden beef cuts. And so, we present Organic Horseradish from Oak View Acres.

Dine in Bold Savories

Top chefs serve fresh horseradish with their beef cuts. That is because of the medicinal properties aside, the pungent burning flavor pars well with many meats. And a modest amount can really enhance a steak. But then too, even horseradish meatloaf is super delicate!

And we dare not overlook the vital role this condiment plays in serving seafood. So spoon a little on your halibut. And really, Crab cakes come alive with it. And real shrimp cocktail sauce cannot be made without it.

Awake with Horseradish

But then too, consider waking up to fresh organic horseradish on your scrambled eggs from pastured hens. That will certainly help get your blood flowing for the day. In fact, some folks say it will assist in cognitive functions. Perhaps the choline enrichment from it helps the brain function throughout the day.

And add a touch of this herb to your raw milk yogurt for a distinguished taste. But then too, consider Fiddle Creek Greek yogurt to make a nice sauce foundation for a horseradish sauce to use on sandwiches. Or cover some of Sylvia’s Spelt and Flax Bread with butter for a nice, warming, pick-me-up.

And you might even try a bit of real kick to sweet foods for a nice bit of a bite to cut the sweet. Applesauce may be a starter, but you can go on into Jell-O salads. Cottage cheese with horseradish can be a start for a great salad. Or even a touch of horseradish on a toss salad can be quite rewarding. Besides that, try a beet salad ignited with flavor! But use sparingly until you have a feel for how much you want to come through.

And yet too, we remember that Passover meals included this pungent food. It is understood that this was one of 5 bitter herbs the Children of Israel ate the last night in Egypt prior to their escape for slavery there. The Passover meal was a continued practice for Israel to remind them of the salvation they experienced when the firstborn were slain that eventful night and pointed to the salvation Lamb of God to deliver from the bondage of sin. 

Pungent Health Benefits

Old fashioned natural remedies included horseradish. Many years ago it was used as a parasite control for children. But it also served in fighting urinary tract infections and kidney problems. And one positive note on kidney health, horseradish helps to eliminate water retention.

High blood pressure may be lowered with consuming it regularly. Enhanced blood circulation promotes good blood pressure levels. Even using horseradish externally can alleviate pain by inciting blood circulation. Therefore some health practitioners recommend it in a liniment for rheumatism and arthritis.

Beyond a detox horseradish juice, you may want to weigh the benefits of weight loss it holds. Some folks consider it a recipe for a quick weight loss.

Open Clogged Sinuses and Chests

Common cold symptoms find challenges with this bold ingredient. Tackle mucus and sinus congestion with it. Horseradish is known to benefit fighting bronchitis. Let the potent ethers in fresh horseradish clean out your congestion along with the added benefits of vitamin C and other antioxidants.

And then there is the antibiotic properties that are effective against pathogenic fungi. Some use it in recipes for skin treatments. The volatile oils that are antibacterial in this herb are similar to those found in mustard. And so, this just gives another punch again bronchitis and other infections in the body.

Cancer fighting properties present themselves in high levels of glucosinolates in horseradish. The activation of cancer-fighting enzymes by glucosinolate products in horseradish has been documented by the University of Illinois. And a teaspoon of it is sufficient to make a difference! Choose organic fresh horseradish.

Raw Foods Are Living — Keep Refrigerated

And always remember, the true values of horseradish will be realized by consuming it in the raw form. Oak View Acres has grated and packed it in a jar with vinegar and salt. Yet, keep it in a refrigerator. Like many living prepared foods, heating it will significantly reduce the varied health benefits of it. Eat Raw. Eat Local. And eat Organic Horseradish!

Swiss Villa bringing Oak View Acres to the marketplace

Oak View Acres have been making fresh organic horseradish for a few years. Just recently Swiss Villa has added this item along with numerous other natural and organic items from Oak View Acres including canned shelf stable stuffed peppers, dill pickles, elderberry jelly and more. As just a small family business, they meet our small farm and business protocol. 

And so the next time you are needing some canned goods for your meal preparation, pick up some of the Oak View Acres goods. But if you cannot find the Oak View Acres Horseradish, please contact your local market and they can reach out to Swiss Villa for possible stocking options. And again, thank you for supporting small, local farms and businesses. Because we believe it will benefit family life and community stability, we seek to promote such goods.