Health in Kimchi?

Traditional foods have included kimchi as a source of great health benefits. But today Americans are just learning about kim chi. What are the values and benefits? How does it assist in weight loss? How might it be used as a body cleanse? Do the naturally occurring probiotics really help us? Have you looked at the positives of ginger, one of various ingredients in kimchi? And what about the additional benefit of better vitamin assimilation?

Raw Fermented Kimchi is Korean

For hundreds of years, Korean cuisine has included raw fermented kimchi. There are over 300 varieties of kimchi which tells us it has a considerable role in dining for the Koreans. Consequently, kimchi means Korean.

And as world travel has become simplified, foods from other cultures are introduced into our American diets. Some of these foods are simply unique. Others hold interest to the discerning palates. Yet others offer considerable health benefits.

We value our health. And so, raw fermented kim chi may be the next super food in America. This fermented veggie mix is regarded as one of the top probiotic foods to eat.

Raw Fermented Kimchi Has Large Amounts of  Naturally Occurring Probiotics

America cuisine added yogurt as a daily staple during the late 20th century. Many health practitioners recommend taking supplemental probiotic tablets. Why not consider a super source of naturally occurring probiotics? In fact, raw fermented kimchi provides thousands times more probiotics than yogurt!

Closely related to sauerkraut, the cabbage juice in kimchi produces acid in the stomach which aids digestion. Fermentation processes further enhances this with lactic acid. Raw fermented kimchi encapsulates these living benefits. Remember: canning or cooking fermented goods destroy the life of the probiotics. Always look for raw fermented kimchi; it will need refrigeration.

The fermentation process changes sugar and other carbohydrates into lactic acid. Lactic acid equals probiotics. These valued good bugs to work in our digestive systems; they provide quite a number of health benefits by their service. Kimchi provides an abundance of probiotics for gut health. Choose raw fermented kimchi for your daily diet.

Over-use of antibiotics haunt the health care world. Naturally occurring probiotics such as found in raw fermented kimchi, are a possible alternative to antibiotics. Daily intake of sufficient probiotics can inhibit the growth of pathogens. But presently, only a small percentage of physicians either know of probiotics or understand their potential applicability to patient care.

Studies show there are anti-cancer effects from healthful probiotics. In fact, raw fermented kimchi boasts of having trillions of probiotics per serving. But additionally, Chinese cabbage is a main ingredient in kimchi. This vegetable gives us one of the most powerful anti-cancer compounds: sulforaphane. Naturally source your probiotics in raw, fermented kimchi. Raw foods are real foods. These foods are alive. Raw foods are full of nutrition.

Raw Fermented Kim chi is a Natural Body Cleanse

And besides all of the nutrients, raw fermented kimchi offers a gentle natural body cleanse to help detoxify the liver. However, kimchi as part of your daily diet assists your body to rid itself of harmful toxins. Lactobacillus probiotics  breaks down pesticide residues found in our foods. Studies point to heavy metal detoxification by kimchi due to the lactic acid created from the fermentation.

Korean researchers testify of its benefits from more than 300 studies they have conducted. Some folks eat raw fermented kimchi since they believe there are anti-aging benefits by oxidative stress reduction. Is there a connection between centenarians and fermented goods?

And yet other people choose kimchi and other raw fermented foods for glowing, healthful skin. Studies show it improves immunity and provides stability against infections. Eating kimchi every day can possibly alleviate eczema problems.

Besides, raw fermented kimchi in your diet may prevent diabetes. Certainly, weight loss is a help in the fight against diabetes. And lactic acid does aid in proper digestion. Proper digestion gives proper nutrition and satisfaction.  Satedness often occurs with proper levels of probiotics from raw fermented foods. Feeling sated will help with efforts towards weight loss. And so if your are interested in weight loss, eat more kimchi!

Get Better Vitamin Assimilation Raw Fermented Kimchi

Less social anxiety has been associated with eating fermented goods. Perhaps that is at least partly due to the higher levels of vitamin assimilation. But also the bacteria of fermenting produces biotin. Biotin is one of the B vitamins that helps in the vitamin assimilation into our bodies, especially other forms of the vitamin B.

Raw, fermented foods bubble with nutrients versus canned veggies. Always select the raw, uncooked fermented goods. They boast of a rich source of vitamins. Make them a part of your heart healthy diet. You will soon learn to enjoy the tartness of these foods without the sugary sweetness that threatens so much of our good of health.

One serving of raw fermented kimchi serves up to 80% of vitamin C per day. Kimchi is also rich in Vitamin A. And with garlic, ginger, and vegetables it works over time to keep your arteries clean. Americans certainly would benefit from more low fat and high fiber foods and weight loss.

Our Swiss Villa Raw Fermented Kimchi is not as hot and spicy as many kimchi recipes. This makes it a great choice for small children or folks not able to tolerate hot, spicy foods. Therefore whole family can benefit from this mild, yet sour topping. Serve over green beans, hamburgers, eggs and sausage, or pasta.

Or you can serve it over rice, salads, beans, or grains. Koreans serve kimchi with steamed rice at almost every meal. Enjoy! And be blessed with health by more vitamin assimilation!

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