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Liberty View Creamery — Quality Goat Milk

Looking where to buy goat milk? Or more specifically, pasteurized, local, goat milk? Consider Liberty View goat milk near the Gettysburg Battlefield. Looking for great tasting goat milk; one without the goat-y taste? Consider Liberty View’s fresh good tasting goat milk. Liberty View Creamery sells a goat milk that reflects the carefulness and detailed cleanliness in the taste. It is certainly a premium quality goats’ milk. And for those of us living in and near to Pennsylvania, we should consider it a superior choice for local fresh goats’ milk. Mothers looking for goat milk for babies will likely want to consider this option.

A Young Boy’s Adventure

As an 8 year old boy, Matt Carman agreed to care for some of the neighbor’s goats while they went on vacation. At the end, he ended up with 2 of those goat kids as his own. This just fed his enjoyment of the animals.

Today Matt works his herd of approximately 150 goats with a passion beyond what most farmers feel is necessary. You can tell he really loves relating to these lively, gregarious pets. As he moves among them during his daily chore times, they most likely will surround him, but then, if that is not enough some will stand up onto him demanding his attention and affection.

With his father, Don, a large animal veterinarian, and his mother, Deb, a nurse, Matt has learned the recipes for a healthy herd of goats. His life revolves around the care needed for successful goat husbandry: night hours spent in the barn during kidding season; feeding the newborn kids every few hours around the clock with the previously collected goat milk for babies; milking the herd 2 times every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Commitment. Yes, diligent commitment.

At the beginning, this venture was a 4-H project for Matthew Carman. He learned how to show his goats at the local fairs. He did well and focused on breeding champion goats, winning numerous awards. As Matt’s show herd increased to a commercial dairy herd, he continued to focus on breeding dairy goats with outstanding conformation and quality milk.  Today Matt works with 3 breeds of goats.

Champion Bloodlines Producing Quality Milk

Beautiful, white American Saanen goats are one of the largest goats. They originated from Switzerland. And being the second most popular goat in America today, they make a good choice for dairy goat milk production.

Coming from the French Alps, the American Alpine breed bears coats of various colors. Since they consistently give a good, rich milk that is excellent for ice cream and other goat milk products, their milk rich in milk solids is a choice. Also the fat content in the American Alpine goat milk usually runs around 3.5%, which is on the richer side.

Also you will see the almost ear-less LaMancha goats. The small ears do give the LaMancha goats a unique appearance, but one thing is for certain, the tiny ears do not have a problem hearing the lunch call! LaMancha goats come in a variety of colors and are very docile and calm. They are also productive, yielding a very high milk fat, up to 4.2% fat.

Stepping Beyond the Show Ring to providing Goat Milk for Babies

Matt has enjoyed showing his goats and enjoys raising show stock for others to purchase. To make his farming project sustainable he felt he needed to market his milk.

Matt dreamed of making goat milk ice cream, and soft chevre cheeses. These products tempted the family’s palates. Some goat milk soap was blended on the farm as well but what could they really manage to market, along with the daily care of the herd?

In 2011, they proceeded to set up a processing plant on the farm. This was registered as a Grade A plant for pasteurized goat milk. There was only one other such plant in the entire state of Pennsylvania at the time. But with much detail and caution, they set up a small scale but very professional plant. Also they became certified to test their milk in the state approved lab on the premises.

Now children suffering from cow milk allergies can enjoy this premium milk from Liberty View Creamery. Mothers looking for goat milk for babies use the pasteurized milk, knowing the Carman’s have done their best. No longer do they need to wonder where to buy goat milk.

Then in October 2012, they began shipping their first Grade A pasteurized goat milk, and have continued with a remarkable operation since. Today, they are one of only a handful of federally inspected, Grade A goats milk processors in the state of Pennsylvania.

Going Forward Today

Liberty View has chosen to maintain the healthfulness of the milk by following the method of low temperature pasteurization. Liberty View’s goat milk is low temperature pasteurized in order to maintain more natural enzymes for your health. And so, they heat the milk in a 100 gallon tank to 145 degrees for 30 minutes for low temp pasteurizing. This presents a comfortable choice for mothers looking for goat milk for babies struggling with milk allergies.

Today, with 20 years of successful goat farming experience, Matt, along with his parents, still have interest in 4-H projects. Now they are offering their knowledge and experiences of showing goats to a younger generation. Meanwhile these champion blood lines are filling up the jugs with fresh clean goat milk for the local consumers.

The goats at Liberty View enjoy pastures all year long. And no synthetic hormones are given to increase milk production. Antibiotics are only used when needed for treatment of sick animals. No soy bean meal or other soy products are fed to the goats.

Where to buy Goat Milk

Swiss Villa highly recommends the Liberty View Creamery goats milk as a good tasting goat milk for those choosing pasteurized goat milk. We have appreciated working with the Carmans. We feel very positive about their operation and animal care. They understand the work and diligence needed in getting a high quality product on the market shelf. And we believe you will be pleased with your choice of their local, fresh goats milk!

Ask your local grocer or health food store for Liberty View goat milk if you do not find it on their shelf.