8 oz. Baby Swiss Goat Cheese


Goat Baby Swiss Cheese

    Raw Milk
  • Soy Free
  • GMO Free Fed
  • Grass & Grain Fed Goats
  • Aged 60 Days
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  • Raw Milk
  • Soy Free
  • GMO Free Fed
  • Grass & Grain Fed Goats
  • Aged 60 Days

Farmstead local farms

Farmstead goat milk cheese holds a great opportunity for healthy farm-to-table dining. Here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, local raw milk cheese houses craft GMO Free goat milk into sliceable hard and semi-hard cheeses. And the Swiss Villa Baby Swiss Goat Cheese from soy free goat milk is no exception. Enhance your clean eating diet with choices from Swiss Villa supporting the family farm with whole foods and farm freshness.

Raw milk enzymes

FDA guidelines require raw milk cheese to be aged 60 days for interstate sales. Our raw cheese in only warmed to approximately 100 degrees to maintain the healthy enzymes naturally occurring in the milk. Besides the healthy gut benefits from probiotics, this equals better flavor profiles as well as enhances digestion. If you canÕt buy raw milk, at least you can enjoy raw milk enzymes in your cheese.

What are goat milk health benefits?

Goat milk has healing properties for instance in years past doctors recommended goat milk as a treatment of sensitive stomachs. Also doctors recommend folks to switch to goat milk due to cow milk allergies. And yes, some folks with lactose intolerance from cows’ milk do well with using goat milk.

Build immunity. And how? Goat milk contains capric acid, a fatty acid with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

And it is noteworthy that some areas of the Blue Zones consumed goat milk as a staple.

Protein and calcium source

Now just one ounce of cheese provides 6 grams of protein. Besides, you can ingest calcium with the living enzymes phosphatase that enable better calcium absorption. And studies say calcium may help protect against cancer and diabetes.

And grass fed milk benefits

Additionally studies claim Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) presents cancer fighting benefits. As the goats eat grass, they produce this nutrient for our human bodies. And remember, grass fed meat and grass fed milk carry CLA. So you will want grass fed milk cheeses on your next cheese board.

Support small farms too!

Enjoy Swiss Villa raw goat milk Baby Swiss cheese. The soft texture along with the mild flavor in this goat cheese might be your favorite. Small farms, small cheese houses, and true sustainability produce healthful, quality fine dining.

Chunk a block of keto friendly cheese for dinner to add protein and healthy fats. Or perhaps you are working with an intermitting fasting program, consider breaking your fast with raw milk goat cheese. This cheese serves well with nuts and fruits.

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Weight8 oz

7 reviews for 8 oz. Baby Swiss Goat Cheese

  1. Anonymous

  2. Anonymous

    Baby swiss is delicious and the customer service was great.

  3. David C.


  4. Anonymous

  5. Teresa

    This goat swiss cheese is absolutely amazing! We have been eating raw goat cheese for a few months now and we decided to switch over to raw goat cheese for health reasons and because we like it so much. We were only able to buy raw goat cheddar locally until I branched out to find this company that sells a variety of raw goat milk cheeses. The swiss raw goat milk cheese has become another amazing tasting cheese. Good job and thank you for a great product!

  6. julie

    Good flavor – tastes great on a burger with mushrooms and onions.

  7. Anonymous


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