8 oz Feta Sheep Cheese

  • Raw Milk
  • Grass Fed Sheep
  • Organically Farmed
  • Aged 60 Days
  • Swiss Villa
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Feta Sheep Milk Cheese

I would like to introduce you to the Swiss Villa Raw milk Feta Sheep Cheese. The saltiness of this feta cheese offers a nice cheese to crumble onto a salad. You can slice it carefully to eat with crackers. Choose small-scale farm fromage, coming from true sustainability in Lancaster County, PA for fine dining.

Chunk a block of keto friendly cheese for dinner for high protein and heart healthy fats. Or perhaps you practice an intermitting fasting program. Then consider breaking your fast with raw milk sheep cheese. Cheese serves well with nuts and fruits. Real meat and cheese boards have a selection of sheep milk cheese!

Double the Fats

Savor one of the most nutritious whole milk by choosing sheep milk. Sheep milk contains double the amount of fats to that of goat milk or whole milk from cows. For many years, peoples living the Blue Zones have consumed sheep milk and sheep milk cheeses. Because of their longer life span, folks look to Blue Zone diets.

Because of the fat content, sheep milk can build immunity. The fats carry vitamins A, D, E. Also sheep milk benefits us with antioxidants which supposedly reduce free radicals from our bodies and prevent oxidative stress and chronic ailments.

Ketogenic Diet Food

High fat diets work with ketogenic diets. Additionally fats provide satiety. So does sheep milk provide healthful fats? Yes, heart healthy fats with amino acids that can help lower high blood pressure and more. Furthermore, these fats fit well with the Mediterranean Diet and other longevity diets.

Grass Fed plus Sheep Milk

Besides the values of grass fed milk, sheep presents considerable higher levels of CLA. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) hails the ability to reduce stored fats. But beyond that, researchers believe it fights against insulin intolerance and some forms of cancer. Diabetes and cancer plague our society.

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Weight8 oz

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  1. Cheryl

    Delicious! Great on my salad or just as a snack ❤️🐐

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