Bulk Unsalted Cheddar Cow Cheese

  • Approximately 5 pound bulk block
  • Raw Milk
  • 100% Grass Fed Cows
  • Organically Farmed
  • Aged 60 Days
  • Read more about the benefits of Raw Milk Cheese

raw cheese benefits

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Low Sodium Diet Cheese

Cheese making usually involves salt. But the Swiss Villa Bulk Unsalted Cheddar Cow Cheese has no salt added. Now folks needing to restrict sodium intake can enjoy cheese. This semi-hard cheese slices fairly well. Enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich. Try a breakfast recipe and shred a topping of unsalted cheddar to melt over it. Prepare that salad that you have been missing the chucks of cheese in. Once more delight yourself with cheddar!

Dash Diet — How to Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure can lead to serious health complications and death. Strokes and heart attacks can be brought on by high blood pressure. Consequently too much sodium often contributes negatively to our health problems. Before you see a sing of o stroke, try low sodium foods. this might assist to give you a normal blood pressure.

The DASH diet the best diet for heart health, calls for low sodium foods. And consequently a low sodium diet will call for foods such as Swiss Villa Unsalted cheddar made from 100% grass fed raw milk.Ê We cannot promise the results but perhaps our unsalted cheddar might assist in lowing your sodium levels and thereby help your blood pressure.

CLA and Other Goods from Grass-Milk

Swiss Villa raw milk cheeses offer the true values of grass fed milk and grass fed meat — a richness of CLA and other amino fatty acids. Our cows graze on pure pastures. Over organic valley and hill, the natural grazers harvest the rich nutrients in the fresh green vegetation. Sustainable non-GMO grassland on the small family farm prepares for future generations to enable to continue farming to provide wholesome dairy products as well. Choose grass fed grub!

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Weight96 oz

2 reviews for Bulk Unsalted Cheddar Cow Cheese

  1. Verified Buyer

    Great quality low-sodium cheddar!

  2. Debra A.

    Fresh and smells terrific! I will be ordering the unsalted raw cheese again. :)

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