Bulk Unsalted Cheddar Goat Cheese

  • Average 5 pound bulk block
  • Raw Milk
  • Soy Free
  • GMO Free Fed
  • Grass & Grain Fed Goats
  • Aged 60 Days
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Semi-Hard Grass Fed Goat Cheese

Procure a block of the Swiss Villa Raw Goat Cheddar Cheese. Add a great character to your dinner table cheese board.Ê Now you will find this mild cheddar with a firm texture, great for slicing or cubing. A farmstead cheese house crafted this raw milk fromage with care that has produced a winning taste from the pure pastures milk.

Is Goat Cheese Good?

First, realize farmstead cheeses will vary. Real food carries real individual qualities. And so you canÕt lump all goat milk cheese into the same category. But then too, you will do well to keep in mind that good milk plays a major role in the quality of the cheese. Some folks mind to more gamey taste found in goat milk. Others hardly seem to even sense any different taste.

Goat Milk for Health Benefits

Goat milk contains capric acid. Supposedly this acid is anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory. Many health practitioners tout the healing properties found in goat milk. And at times doctors suggest sensitive stomachs. They recommend this because of the easier-to-digest properties found in goat milk.

Additionally some peoples of the Blue Zones view goat milk as a staple.

CLA Grass-Milk Benefits

You may have heard about Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). It presents cancer fighting benefits as well as helps to maintain weight loss and retain muscle mass. While people cannot benefit from CLA by eating grass, goats eat grass, then they produce this nutrient for our human bodies. And remember, grass-land meat and grass fed milk are rich in CLA. Choose grass fed cheeses on your next charcuterie.

Selenium Rich and Absorbable Calcium Source

Lastly, selenium provides immunity. It also contributes to strong bones. But then too, we have always heard that milk is a good source of calcium. Raw milk (never heat treated) maintains the natural enzymes, phosphatase, which is very important to help us absorb the calcium into our bodies. Thankfully Swiss Villa raw milk cheese making never uses sub-pasteurization.


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