Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage 4 oz. Grillers

  • Valley Belle
  • Sweet Italian
  • 4 – 4 oz. Grillers
  • Frozen
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Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage Grillers

Grillers with the right touch of Italy! Yes, and just introducing them in time for your next grilling experience. Order a pack of 4 grillers, 4 ounces each. Seasoned well for grilling. No other meat included; yet a nice moist texture. Therefore we believe you will not be disappointed. And check out other sections of the Sweet Italian Turkey burger patties and sausages for you neighborhood picnics and family reunions. Prepare food like a farmers table spread. And the grillers selection could be a good start for you.

High Protein for Ketogenic Diet

Valley Belle turkey meat offers clean eating protein. This turkey sausage have 140-160 calories versus pork having 290-455 calories. Meanwhile the protein stays up in the turkey sausage. Other weight loss diets may encourage you to eat more chicken and turkey. The DASH diet, recommended to lower high blood pressure, welcomes some turkey.

No Pork, No Allergens, No Preservatives

Both Halal meat rules and kosher food guidelines totally forbid pork. The Valley Belle Turkey sausage has no pork or beef products Ð 100% turkey meat.

And besides that, Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage contains no allergens.ÊIt stands as gluten free and dairy free. Additionally Valley Belle adds no unhealthy chemical preservatives; all-natural sausage for health and wellbeing. Inflammatory maladies seem to increase with AmericaÕs main-line commodities with an abundance of preservatives and overly processed food.

Small Family Food via On Line Grocery Shopping

In conclusion. you don’t have to attend a farmer market. You can eat healthy food other than grassland beef from a large corporation in a distant country. Swiss Villa provides grocery delivery to your door via FedEx. But more importantly we source our products from small family farms committed to sustainable farming practices. While preparing your slow cooker recipe or healthy breakfast, consider using this clean eating sweet Italian turkey sausage from Valley Belle.

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