Wild Caught Salmon Recipes

Smoked salmon from your meat smoker? Choose to enjoy a regular salmon nutrition for your family each week. There are plenty of salmon recipes that you don’t need to get bored with just a few salmon fish dishes. But wild caught salmon deserves delectable royalty! Wild Alaskan salmon pars well in thought for your paleo recipes. Swiss Villa offers frozen salmon from Wild For Salmon, sustainably caught wild Alaskan salmon.

Grilling salmon is quite simple. And delicious too. You may want to top it with some horseradish or kimchi. Serve with eggs. Or place a nice thick slice of 100% grass fed butter on top of the salmon when you plate it.

Now we present a number of links that can aide you in finding a salmon recipe that fits your need for a special meal with salmon nutrition! Enjoy.

Tips for Smoking Salmon

Mark’s Daily Apple reports smoking salmon actually enhances the availability of the omega 3 in salmon fish. So set to work! but enjoy the experience at the same time. Then serve with some fresh cucumbers.

Honest Food presents a hot smoked salmon recipe. Or if you have a meat smoker, try this technique. But a grill can work too.

And then there we have the opportunity to do a cold smoked salmon too. Or consider this brine for cold smoking salmon. And besides that, the Barbeque! Bible gives a few details as well.

Or Easy Recipes

Easiest Baked Salmon Recipe Ever

A Video of Simple Salmon

Or maybe for a real simple one, try Baked Salmon with Onions and Peppers

Easy One Pan Fajita Salmon

And then you can start your day off with great salmon nutrition with Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

Recipes for Enjoying Salmon Nutrition

Honey Glazed Salmon  Then consider raw unfiltered Orange Blossom Honey from Stockin’s Apiary.

Spaghetti with Lemon and Basil And Salmon

Baked Salmon in Cream & Herbs And again, you can use 100% grass fed raw cows milk and skim the cream off the top.

Poached Salmon in Milk  And consider using Liberty View Creamery Goat milk if you are serving someone with milk allergies.

And Paleo Recipes for Wild Alaskan Salmon

Sweet Potato Rosti with Smoked Salmon

Paleo Pecan Maple Salmon

Salmon with Orange Marmalade  And so try to find the Oak View Orange Marmalade to use here.

Red Raspberry Glazed Salmon See the Oak View Acres Organic Red Raspberry Jam for this recipe.

And in time I will likely post more recipes that I am using. Meanwhile use these recipes but most importantly, use Wild For Salmon Alaskan. Yes, sustainably wild caught Salmon. Remember, this is brought to your stores by Swiss Villa where we can serve them.

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