Raw Milk Cheese Provides Health

U.S. News and World Report stated that the consumption of raw milk and raw milk cheese resulted in significantly lower symptoms of allergic milk reactions such as asthma, hay fever, and eczema. The following year, The Sunday Times of London, England reported in 2007 that raw milk contains 10% more B vitamins and 25% more Vitamin C. Do American farms ever produce high quality raw milk artisanal cheeses with natural probiotics? Then too, do living enzymes help digest the nutrients of the cheese?

Raw Milk Cheese Tastes Superior

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day falls on April 16. Embrace the Raw, says food writer Janet Fletcher. Cheese tastings need raw milk cheeses to present artful and descriptive selections as in wine tastings. Enter the world of raw milk artisanal cheeses.

And raw milk cheeses truly hold a superior flavor. Consequently, famous chefs search for quality raw milk cheeses. And 100% grass fed raw cow milk cheeses provide superior richness in flavor to those from traditional dairies. And raw goat milk turned into raw goat gouda cheese beckons to the decerning palates. Yet perhaps as superior to all, raw sheep milk rolls out wheels of fine raw milk artisan cheeses with delicacy.

For years, France has prided its fine raw milk artisan cheeses. And too, other European cheeses for centuries have held high regard to serious foodies. Pasteurization of the milk kills too much of the natural good bacteria present in the milk. This natural good bacteria helps the milk to ferment properly and yield the best of flavors.

Today, we understand the need for locavore vitality. And we want delicious fromage from our own country. This coupled with other sustainable issues, has accelerated the interest in simple raw milk cheeses and artisan raw milk cheeses. And there is a better understanding of natural good bacteria. Just where are your dairy products coming from? Can we only get great cheeses shipped in from France?

Raw Milk Cheese from Local Farms

It is exciting to see the number of young farmers learning the art of making raw milk and artisanal cheeses. As practice makes perfect, there is more and higher quality cheeses now available for consumers who really enjoy and care about their food.

Beyond the superior taste of raw milk cheeses, there are some health benefits said to have very positive effects to consider. Sometimes raw milk cheeses carry the banner of the healthiest cheeses available. The natural good bacteria and living cheese enzymes  in raw milk cheeses help our bodies gain more nutrition from this food. They also have superior nutritional value than the pasteurized, conventional cheeses.

Yet concerns posted in the news about the consumption of raw dairy products challenge some potential diners. Are raw milk cheeses something we should be choosing?

The Old Ways Cheese Coalition provides the public and policy makers with accurate science based information about artisanal, raw milk cheese. Such organizations at worthy of our respect.

Living Cheese Enzymes and Probiotics Help Digest

A French study result posted in 2014 shows that raw, unpasteurized milk offer protection from pathogens. And naturally raw milk has many healthful bacteria. This bacteria even increase the truly raw milk cheeses. These bacteria and enzymes help digest the nutrients in raw milk cheeses.

Raw milk cheese is full of living cheese enzymes and enzymes help digest the fats and proteins of the milk.  The wide variety of microflora present in raw milk also brings beneficial effects to raw milk cheeses which contain higher quantities of probiotic natural good bacteria than pasteurized (sterilized) milk. Eat more probiotics by choosing Swiss Villa raw milk cheeses.

Sub-pasteurization kills the life of food

But when you choose a raw milk cheese, beware of a subtle use of the term “raw milk”. And some marketing savvy farms or cheese houses heat the milk to high temperatures that are considered “sub pasteurization” levels. And this will kill most of the life of the milk and the living cheese enzymes. Now then, this produces more shelf life and stability with less change to the cheese after packaging it for the market.

Sadly though, the natural good bacteria has been killed too. But since legal pasteurization requires the temperature to reach 161 degrees for 15 to 20 seconds and since sub pasteurization only heats the milk to about 150 degrees for 15 to 20 seconds, it is legally sold as unpasteurized. But it misses the important point that enzymes help digest the nutrients in our digestive systems. Heat kills healthful probiotics.

This is certainly not a real living food anymore. Yet by law, they sell it as a raw milk cheese. However, Swiss Villa farmstead cheese makers only warm the milk to approximately 100 degrees to activate cultures for cheese making. With never going over 104 degrees, the milk is never at a higher degrees than normal, possible body changes, thus keeping the life of the living cheese enzymes.

100% Grass Fed Milk Makes the Best Cheese

Swiss Villa sources their raw cow milk cheeses from cows that are fed 100% grass diets. This gives the cheese a perfect omega 3:6 ratio of 2:1. Omega 6 is pro-inflammatory and omega 3 is neutral and thereby the body will decrease inflammations.

CLA is an important fact to understand as you consider purchasing local and raw milk and raw milk cheeses. Cows fed a diet of only grass produce products with a much higher level of CLA than those fed grains. With the information pointing to better heart health and cancer fighting properties of CLA, many folks desire more grass fed options.

Again, this is convincing evidence for choosing food from farms using adequate pastures for their animals; it is the ultimate. And yes, look for 100% grass fed raw milk cheeses! Don’t just settle for grass fed. Make sure you select true value by getting 100% grass fed cow milk cheese.

Choose Swiss Villa Raw Milk Cheese

Serve raw milk cheeses many ways. After you have had your picnic and there would happen to be a piece or two left, store it in your refrigerator. But don’t waste the corners your cut off your raw milk artisan cheeses to make the artsy design for on a decorative platter. And once you have a number of bits and pieces from different types and flavors, turn it into your own fromage fort.

Lastly, we thank you for choosing Swiss Villa raw milk cheeses with living cheese enzymes and probiotics. And remember enzymes help digest the delicious cheeses. Since we are a food hub, we support local, small cheese houses in our area with marketing their cheeses. And they also are grateful to you for your support to them as they endeavor to provide high quality raw milk cheeses for you and yours. And vitality of stable economies come from Locavores support. Thank you.