Great Flavored Hard Boiled Eggs 

Freshen up you next lettuce salad with Garlic Dill Pickled Eggs! It’s a pickled eggs recipe that practically everyone will enjoy and it is an easy to make recipe with hard boiled eggs. Pickle the eggs and keep them in the refrigerator for a week or so to spruce up your salad recipes. Or serve them whole along with your dinner. And such a great source of protein for weight loss and keto dieting!

And like I have shared before, remember that hard boiled eggs are not hard to peel if you follow the simple recipe I have posted earlier. Just take the challenge and I think you will be surprised at your success. And don’t worry that your eggs are too fresh to peel easily. Again, the temperature at when you peel them will have a much more significant effect. And so don’t slack off from this recipe because of the drudgery of preparing the eggs.

Choose Quality Eggs

I often suggest you consider pasture raised eggs since I feel those are the best. Fresh air and natural sunshine with large amounts of outside space to exercise in, the hens should have better health and thus produce a better egg with better nutrients. Some studies have shown that where hens eat grasses, the CLA fatty acids present themselves in the eggs. Otherwise, you do not expect much or any CLA from eggs.

But then again, some folks are satisfied with organic eggs where the hens are in large building and have a very limited outside access occasionally. These are not the worst option but I still prefer the eggs from hens who spend outside time daily in open fields versus the ones just out on a small paddock next to the large hen house.

And then there are the cage free eggs. Some of these are still produced on small farms but much of this production as well as the organic production could be classified as factory farming. Local small farms will be your best option if you want to know where your food originates.

 And if you would rather choose a cheapest eggs, you should still get high protein food. But then, remember, someone may have worked for less than fair wages to enable the eggs to be sold at that low rate. And we all appreciate a fair pay for our labors.

The 2, 3, and 4 Recipe for Pickled Eggs

I often stand by my recipe I refer to as the 2-3-4 recipe: 2 parts sweetener; 3 parts vinegar; 4 parts water. So consequently, I have that as my base. This amount works well for 2 dozen hard boiled eggs.

2 dozen hard boiled eggs

2/3 cup raw honey

1 cup brown vinegar

1 1/3 cup warm water

4 Tablespoons dried dill weed

2 Tablespoon garlic powder

Place eggs in a container that you can fit into your refrigerator. Add dry ingredients over eggs.

Mix the vinegar, raw honey, and warm water. Using warm water will help to dissolve the honey. When well mixed, pour the brine over the eggs. Let the eggs in the brine at 12 to 24 hours at the minimum. As they continue soaking in the brine, the flavor penetrates deeper into the eggs.

Slice, dice, or halve to serve them.

Fresh Dill Weed or Dried

This recipe can utilize fresh garden dill. But if you need to purchase it you can opt for dry dill weed. But fresh herbs are always the most delightful. You may even want to serve the finished product with some fresh dill weed for added beauty along with the healthy benefits it offers.

Fresh Garlic Bulbs or Powdered Garlic

At times I will use garlic bulbs instead of the garlic powder. If you are using the bulbs and plan to eat the eggs in the next day or so, you might want to chop them some to enable more of the aroma to flavor the eggs more quickly. And remember that garlic has many health benefits.

Take Them with You or Share Them with Others

These eggs work great as a morning high protein snack. Drop a couple eggs in a sandwich bag to pack in your bags next to an ice pack. These can give you another flavor while concentrating on an egg diet. Eat more eggs for bodybuilding.

Consider making other flavors of pickled eggs as well. Serve the Smokey Barbeque Pickled Eggs with these Garlic Dill eggs. Or try the Elderberry Pickled Eggs if you are on an egg diet and need ore variations for flavor. And the old stand by of red beet eggs are always an option too..

Prepare ahead of time for the family gathering by making this pickled eggs recipe. Or make them for the coming neighborhood picnic next week. And don’t go tailgating without them!