A Fresh Local Thanksgiving Turkey from Locust Point Farm

For many years Americans have enjoyed a nice large golden Thanksgiving Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Families gather from far and near to socialize around the delectable yields of numerous Thanksgiving recipes. Among all the preparations, a bit of bone broth will be available for gravy to lather over potatoes, dressing and the turkey meat. But the roasting turkey aroma fills the whole house. But folks from the family farm always know that a fresh turkey will be the prize winner on the table! Chesapeake Choice from Locust Point Farm is a likely ingredient for a successful 2016 Thanksgiving dinner. But then if you are looking for a local fresh organic turkey, consider one from Sensenig Poultry.

Frozen turkeys can be good too. But there is something simply superior about a fresh turkey . Freezing changes it; it is best never frozen. If you are not acquainted with using a fresh turkey for the occasion, I would certainly advise you to try one this year. Ask your local grocer if they will be offering local fresh turkeys this year.

A New Farm and New Flock for Thanksgiving

In 1980, Glenn Sensenig’s family moved to Elkton Maryland onto a newly purchased farm. They raised a few turkeys that summer and slaughtered them for a few local customers at Thanksgiving time. And from that year on, they have continued to raise turkeys. Many folks have enjoyed their fresh turkey meat and talk with delight of the pleasurable results of cooking turkey from Locust Point Farm.

As a boy, he had watched and help his father raise turkeys and dress them for Thanksgiving turkeys as well. That was near Brickerville in Lancaster PA. And so, to the Sensenig family raising turkeys is traditional as eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day to many others.

As time progressed, Glenn’s family grew and moved on with various ventures in life. And so they felt a need to cut back on their work load. They sold the processing facility to Timothy Detwiler who was interested in a livelihood for his young family. Yet Glenn’s continue to raise turkeys without antibiotics for family Thanksgiving turkey dinners.

The Family Farm Continues Supplying Thanksgiving Turkeys

Today Timothy also acquires some additional turkeys from the Sensenig family relatives in PA. Yet these turkeys also are raised without antibiotics. Locust Point enjoys working with small farms producing turkeys. These family farms do not have huge CAFO operations that call for the need of antibiotic treatments due to large concentration of livestock. And neither do small farms need to pump the turkeys with antibiotics to promote rapid growth.

Sourcing birds from small scale farming enables Timothy to feel very positive about the animal care and treatment these local farms use in the practices. Family farms are always the best choice to source food from.

Locust Point Farm has benefited over the years with growing turkeys as part of their diversified farm. The turkey project often helped the farm to be profitable. But the fall processing season was certainly taxing with many long hours and very full schedules. But they are thankful for the blessings it has been to them.

And so little wonder the choice of a name for the turkeys from this facility in the rural countryside near Elkton Maryland is Chesapeake’s Choice Turkeys!

Chesapeake Choice Turkeys are Fresh Turkeys

Chesapeake Choice turkeys are presented to the stores as fresh turkeys, never frozen. Some stores may opt to freeze them but many prefer their customers to pick up the fresh meat so as to enjoy the best taste and texture. Other stores offer a pre-order program where you specify what size of turkey you wish to purchase. Locust Point then tries to accommodate their orders as carefully as they can. You may request a 10 to 12 lb. turkey, 12 to 14 lb., 14 to 16 lb., 16 to 18., 18 to 20 lb., or a 20 to 22 lb. turkey. The larger turkeys run at 22 to 24 lb., 24 to 26 lb., 26 to 28 lb., and even a limited few of 28 to 30 lb. birds.

And for some who prefer not to tackle a whole bird on their busy day, chose the Chesapeake Choice turkeys in parts. You can get boneless skinless breasts in sizes of 4 to 6 lb., 6 to 8 lb., 8 to 10 lb., 10 to 12 lb. and 12 to 14 lb. There is little mess to clean up with this method and makes less work for the meal preparations.

But then again, if you wish to gain a bit of good from some bone broth on Thanksgiving Day. Without the whole turkey, you may wish to order the bone in breast which comes in the same size ranges as the boneless breasts. These also come as fresh meat, never frozen.

How Large of a Turkey do you need?

As a general rule calculate how many guests are to be present. Use that number for the pounds of the turkey you will order. if you are hoping for left over turkey meat for other recipes later, you may want to calculate 1.5 lbs. per guest. With turkey being a healthful meat, and with wanting to ample, planning for some leftovers is not a bad idea.

Chesapeake Choice Turkeys carried to stores by Swiss Villa

We at Swiss Villa have been offering the Chesapeake Choice turkeys the last several years. And we have had very satisfied customers. Again in 2016, we anticipate more satisfaction from these fresh turkeys from small farming enterprises. We welcome you to reach out to your local grocer. Ask for the availability  of these goods for you to receive them from that store.

Sensenig Poultry Organic Turkey Available from Swiss Villa Too

We also have started offering certified organic turkey from Sensenig Poultry Farm near Lititz, PA. Again, more acquaintance with the founders of Locust Point Farm in Elkton but from a certified organic farm. These offerings of organic turkey range in weight from 10 to 12 lb., 12 to 14 lb., and 14 to 16 lb. for fresh organic turkey. Larger Organic turkey offerings will be frozen ranging from sizes of 16 to 18 lb., 18 to 20 lb. and 20 to 22 lb. And then we have the ground, certified organic turkey available as well from Sensenig Poultry.

Swiss Villa also offers the Valley Belle ground turkey from Sensenig Poultry. This comes in 1 lb. packs. You can get 100% thigh meat or 100% breast meat. Or you may choose the 50% thigh and 50% breast blend. The farmers raising these turkeys do not use antibiotics — truly antibiotic free turkeys (raised without antibiotics). Again, check with your local grocer or small health food store for availability.

GMO Free Pasture Raised Turkeys also from Swiss Villa

Last of all comes the best kept secret! Rambling River Farms have an option for you of pasture raised turkeys that are fed GMO Free feeds. These turkeys are dressed in a state inspected facility but not a USDA inspected plant. Therefore they cannot be sold interstate. These turkeys are only for PA stores.

But none-the-less, pasture raised turkeys are the best option of all. and of course you will need to pay a premium price for them. Availability often runs shorter as well and so, please order early if you wish to enjoy one of these prize winners.

Swiss Villa will do all we can to help everyone with their needs for a healthful Thanksgiving dinner. But we also want you to eat local healthful food all year around. Let us know how we might be able to better serve you. and feel free to share this info your neighbors and friends.

Don’t Forget the Cheese and other Items for Thanksgiving Dinner too

As a general reminder, look over our website and note the amazing cheeses. Such a meal as Thanksgiving dinner deserves a nice apple wood smoke blue cheese pared with apples. Serve some garlic and herb goat cheese with crackers. Herb de Provence goes well with fresh pears as does the extra sharp cheddar with your cranberry salad. 

But if you want a bit of raw sauerkraut for topping your mashed potatoes, or organic apple butter, keep in mind to order that from your store as well. Oak View Acres organic strawberry jam will be a nice topping over the Oasis 100% grass fed butter on the Sylvia’s spelt dinner roles.

Above all Remember to be Grateful

We are thankful to God for His many blessings to us during the past year again. May we reflect on His love and goodness to us as we move into this busy season to prepare for memorable family times together. And keep in mind, family relationships are precious. Make this year’s gathering extra special with kindness and gentleness to all.

May your times together be times of blessings and healthful dining in moderation. Thank you for paying the extra price to support sustainable farming in your local community.

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