What is CLA?

Conjugated linoleic acid commonly referred to as CLA is commonly associated with grass fed beef. And you also might find a CLA supplement in the store from chemically altering vegetable oils. But just what CLA benefits are proven? Do these hold the values of the natural ones from grass fed beef and other livestock? A bodybuilding CLA fat burner appeals to athletics for fitness. And this potent antioxidant, CLA is sometimes used for cancer prevention and even to try to reduce cancerous tumors.

What natural sources of bodybuilding CLA should you be considering?

As with many nutrients, we can eat whole foods and enjoy health from their presence or we can find a synthetic supplement on the store shelf. Since studies have revealed some positive benefits of CLA, we rightly should consider ingesting more of this antioxidant. But can pills as a CLA supplement offer the values equal to the real thing? Do synthetic sources pose dangers not found in natural grass fed animal products?

I strongly suggest choosing 100% grass fed milk, butter, cheese, and meats for your source of CLA. Whole foods come with more than just CLA benefits! Paleo dieters can tell you more about that. Use a natural fat burner for bodybuilding, not a synthetic CLA supplement.

Interestingly, grain fed to cattle along with a grass fed diet reduces the levels of this tumor reducing agent. And most of the grass fed milk, butter and cheese in America is produced with the farmers also feeding some grains to boost milk production and profits. Also some grass fed beef is finished out with grains. Make you choice 100% grass fed!

One of blessings of frosty, chilly mornings on the farm is the higher levels of CLA produced in the grass fed products! You see, a natural antifreeze in the grass is the origin of CLA. And the cooler the weather, the higher the content of this natural antifreeze exists.

Choose CLA benefits from cow milk

Here’s another reason to enjoy winter–because of this antifreeze in the grass to benefit your health! During the fall and early spring, Raw Milk from 100% grass fed cows provides one of the best sources of bodybuilding CLA.

And so, now is a wonderful time of the year to drink raw milk from 100% grass fed cows. Drink whole milk from 100% grass fed cows since CLA comes in the fats. Or make certain to spread them on your morning toast in you the bullet proof coffee via 100% grass fed organic butter.

Raw milk cheeses from 100% grass fed milk boast yet another source. You have so many options: a mild Colby; a sharp cheddar; a hot jack, or a garlic and chives. But just step up to the plate with the wood smoked blue cheese. It will bring exclamations of delight to cheese mongers. Or relax with smoky apple wood flavor on the smoked cheddar or the simple Baby Swiss.

Choose CLA benefits from goat milk

Goat milk becomes harder to find as winter comes as the goats tend to dry off at this time of the year. But in early spring, while the weather is yet cool and the antifreeze agents are still in the grasses, they will be kidding and a good supply will be available again. If you live in Pennsylvania, enjoy the Swiss Villa Raw goat milk.  

Dine in the delicacies of goat cheeses for another opportunity to CLAs. The note worth Garlic and Herb pleases the palate well. Or the softer texture of Gouda and Havarti make mild tastings to par with crackers and pretzels. Sharp Horseradish Chives provides a bit of clearing out the throat at cold evening, winter dinners.

Choose CLA benefits from sheep milk

Sheep milk offer the highest levels of CLA found in any milk from mammals. Sheep milk is even more difficult to source in the early winter months. But by late January and February, the ewes are lambing and milk production will bring the valued product by to the store shelf again. Meanwhile enjoy some feta sheep milk cheese or even some blue cheese made with sheep milk. I think a CLA supplement pales beside sheep milk, raw or pasteurized.

Watch for more on CLA fat burner

I plan to look further at CLA again soon. We need to cover some of the CLA benefits for health.  But meanwhile share with you family and friends the good deal of a fat burner we are getting with the cold weather. But then too, make sure to benefit from it. Feel free to reach out to us at Swiss Villa if you have any questions or thoughts for us to consider. We thank you for your input.