If It Is Raw Milk, Why Consider 100% Grass Fed Raw Milk vs Raw Milk from Other Farms?

Once a raw milk farmer told me this: “what matters most is what your customer’s think your farm is, not what you really are.”  But I strongly disagree. But what do you think? Do you know the vitality difference between raw milk from pure pastures that that is 100% grass fed vs simply raw milk? What about A2A2 milk? Or the values of CLA? Why are there folks looking for soy free food? Local raw milk from 100% grass fed cows might be what you are looking for.

Many farms are popping up with raw milk. And raw milk certainly is a good way to drink milk. But beyond the term “raw milk” are some very important questions. Questions regarding GMO, antibiotics, cow health, corn silage, soybeans, herbicides and pesticides on the pasture land.

100 percent grass fed cowNot all raw milk is the same.

Perhaps the term “grass fed” has tripped as many consumers as anything. If it is a grass fed farm, do they feed grains also? Yes, most likely, unless they tell you it is 100 percent grass fed with no grains fed anytime. And are the pastures pure from pesticides? Pure pastures where 100% grass fed raw milk is sourced will be a locavore vitality.

Most of the organic milk, and yes, even local “grass fedorganic milk comes from cows also eating a good amount of grains each day along with the grasses. Corn silage and grain increase the profit margin significantly but . . .

100% Grass Fed — What is good about it?

  1. Grains fed to cows reduce CLA levels.  Thus, grains destroy the values of the CLA coming from the grasses when farmers feed grains to “grass fed” cows,. Always remember: you will find the best CLA levels in milk from 100 percent grass fed cows without any grains fed to the cows.
  2. A more “nutrient dense food” is produced by cows producing the natural amount of milk they were created to produce rather than being pushed into higher production where the minerals and other food values are shared out to more gallons than the cow normally would have produced. Enjoy the richest – Choose 100 percent grass fed!
  3. Rich 100% grass fed milk from pure pastures.

    Greater Levels of Omega3, Vitamin E Beta Carotene and More

    Raw Milk provides us with fatty acids such as omega3 are much greater in 100% grass fed milk. Yes, go ahead and research it for yourself. The general populace knows so little about the values of 100% grass fed milk and it is so important.

    Raw milk has Antioxidants

    Raw milk provides us with a very important antioxidant, Glutathione. This master antioxidant and detoxifier provides aid for our systems to throw out toxic chemicals that would otherwise work havoc in us. Glutathione also maintains the vitamins C and E. Up to 50% more vitamin E is found in 100% grass fed milk than in conventionally produced milk. and the antioxidant mineral, selenium comes in greater abundance with more grasses. These are more reasons to choose 100% grass fed raw cows milk remaining undenatured by pasteurization.

     Raw milk is soy free when 100% grass fed.

    Have you studied out Soy Alert from Weston A Price Foundation? Perhaps the bigger question is this: Is my raw milk from soy fed cows or soy free fed cows? Insist on 100% grass fed for a safe, soy free product for your family.

    The cows live longer when 100% Grass Fed in Pure Pastures!

    Yes, that is right.  And they are much healthier!  Studies clearly show there are many less health issues with cows that have 100 percent grass diets versus those as mass-milk- production machines.  Outside in fresh air and walking on grassy meadows versus standing in barns on concrete to eat their ration of grains and to drink the volumes of water to produce the large amount of milk.  You guess the stress level of the two choices.

    Purer, Cleaner Milk from 100% Grass Fed Cows

    Studies show grass fed cows produce milk with a lower bacteria count than those in traditional dairies.  Now common sense would tell us that cows eating good quality food in the sunshine and fresh air in pure pastures will have a cleaner, healthier food for us to enjoy.

Got GMO in your raw milk?

With the stir and studies about GMO, why would you purchase raw milk from a farm using some GMO feed for your milk production? I am surprised to find devout health food stores succumbing to offering raw milk from cows fed GMO feeds. This seems like a mockery, but every person has their own choice. Consumers deserve to know what they are buying.

100% Grass Fed Complements Proper A2A2 Proteins

Heritage breed cows are usually found on farms with a 100% grass fed program. Thankfully Holstein cows do not do well on only grass fed diets. And so consequently, Holsteins milk with is inferior proteins fades out with 100% grass fed farming! Consider the type of protein for best benefits with raw milk.

What type of protein are you getting in your milk? You might be surprised at the importance of this. New findings show that an inferior milk protein found in much of America’s milk causes some of the allergic reactions from milk. Read the book, The Devil in the Milk by Keith Woodford, to learn more details on the A2A2 protein, more common in the heritage breed cows, versus the A1A1 found in the mega mass production using Holstein cows.

Swiss Villa offers you a milk line from 100% grass fed cows with NO GMO grasses in pure pastures and simply NO grains anytime. And the farmers do not treat their pasture lands with herbicides or pesticides. Natural grazing is beautiful, especially when in pure pastures.

Swiss Villa 100% Grass Fed Raw Milk is Sustainable

Making more money by direct marketing their raw milk excites farmers. But selling raw milk involves much more than the price difference of the direct sale to that of the milk company payments. But because of some of these additional facts not being carefully evaluated, many raw milk farmers have run into more financial difficulties by trying to offer direct sales of local raw milk.

Nathaniel Kreider near Manheim, PA has approximately 45 cows that he has been carefully tending to. And he is well pleased with their healthful living and modest milk production without the use of antibiotics. He uses no rBST hormones  in the production of any animals or milk here. Nathaniel is working towards eventually having a certified A2A2 protein herd. Meanwhile, he wants to provide the best quality milk he can.

Our goal at Swiss Villa is to provide a market for Nathaniel to provide for his young family. He anticipates being able to make the needed payments for the purchase of his own farm in a sustainable way.

Now we rejoice to have the opportunity to work with a number of other small farms to bring other dairy items from high standard, sustainable farming. We hope will enable young families to keep on with farming with equality and fair trade prices for the goods they produce.

Keep Supporting Local Small Farms

A special thanks to each of you who have supported our efforts by choosing our grass fed goods in the past and we look forward to serving you as we can in the future. And may good health and abundant blessing be to each of you.

If you have any questions about any of our offerings from pure pastures, feel free to contact us at: Products@SwissVIllaLLC.com. And please ask your independently owned grocer or local health food store to stock 100% grass fed raw milk.

Thanks for taking time to read this. And kindly consider sharing this article with a friend to help inform others about the foods they are eating.


Philip & the others at Swiss Villa

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