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Duck Eggs Health Benefits

duck egg benefits campbell ducksMost folks cannot recall of ever trying a duck egg. And since they have not enjoyed a duck egg, many folks believe duck eggs would be undesirable. But let’s consider their benefits for health. What about cholesterol? What about alkaline foods? And would they be a possible option for children and adults with egg allergy symptoms? Why would a top chef choose duck eggs for gluten free recipes?

Additionally, duck eggs present other characteristics as well. Some folks really enjoy them. Perhaps you have never heard of valuable reasons to try them.

First of all, we will consider the taste. Many folks claim they can taste a significant difference. Others think duck and chicken eggs taste much the same. Perhaps this can differ some on the diet of the ducks and the sources you would get your eggs from. And each persons palate works differently with differing sensitivity and preferences of taste.

Duck Eggs Benefits of Better Fats

Higher amount of fats in duck eggs than chicken eggs may affect the taste. They also bring high cholesterol levels to the table. But remember, eggs contain beneficial cholesterol. And so, this higher cholesterol presents benefits instead of harm as was once believed.

Grass fed chicken eggs give more Omega3 fatty acids. As chickens eat grasses, (and yes, they actually do eat grass when allowed to along with their grain diets) they transfer some of the grass based fats into their eggs. But also, you can find omega 3 enriched eggs from large scale farming. Large factory farms include omega3 sources in the diets of the chickens raised in barns or cages with feed additives such as fish meal or flax meal. But here is something naturally hidden in your duck egg choice.

These waterfowl eggs naturally have more omega 3 fatty acids  than chicken eggs and as they are pasture raised, more of such benefits should be present. Insist on pasture raised eggs.

A Distinguished Top Chef Will Love Them

The fats found in these eggs make baking extra successful. Chefs love superiority of the eggs for a crème brûlée or other custardy dishes. Enrich your baking skills by using duck eggs.

In addition to the higher fat content in the yolk of duck eggs, they also have more protein in the white of the eggs. This is especially desirable in making meringues as they whip up better and tend to maintain form longer.

When preparing duck eggs as poached eggs, hard cooked eggs, or fried eggs, keep in mind that they hold less water content. Consequently cooks tend to over-cook them frequently. This makes them more rubbery and even darkens the color of the whites. So when you experiment in cooking with them for the first time, prepare for a few variances. They can give you some differing results from what you may have experienced with chicken eggs. It may take a few tries but eventually, you will be delighted with your results.

For an exciting venture, you may want to try tea eggs made using duck eggs. Or for the more adventurous, smoked tea eggs can even be turned into Chinese-style deviled eggs! What a fun family project. Or take up the challenge of it for your next dinner where you want something unique to serve.

Even though we associate these eggs with Chinese foods, chefs from Europe really love them; perhaps more than Americans do. But these nuggets are increasing in popularity and demand. And soon you too might join in as a top chef who loves duck eggs.

Duck Eggs for Gluten Free Baking

Gluten free baking can profit by using duck eggs as the added protein helps bind the pastries together. Generally they produce a lighter, fluffier baked product more like regular wheat based baked goods. Therefore duck eggs are an excellent addition to gluten free recipes.

Benefits for Egg Allergy Symptoms

Chicken egg allergy symptoms are the second most common allergies for infants and small children. Egg allergies can often be dealt with by choosing duck eggs. Perhaps this is due to the different proteins in duck eggs versus chicken eggs. Certainly duck eggs should be given consideration yet on a personal basis every person needs to find what their body can or cannot utilize properly. Egg allergy symptoms may be overcome with duck eggs.

Furthermore, they are an alkaline food, which is a great benefit to cancer patients as cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment. Chicken eggs, an acid food, digest into an acidic nutrition. But even though eggs from ducks test acidic as well, they are considered an alkaline food. They feed us their nutrients and leave our bodies more alkaline. Alkaline food for our bodies is a good choice.

And since they hold a higher nutrient value, duck eggs for diet and liver cleanses are popular. Try a 2 minute egg omelet in a mug made with them. Eggs provide a very balanced food and hold some of the most complete assortment of vitamins and minerals of any food we know. We should value the opportunity to consume nutrient dense foods!

Swiss Villa offers eggs from a small flock of ducks. The ducks are fed a soy free and GMO-free diet. And they are raised outside in pastures during suitable weather. We feel this gives us a very premium product that you will feel comfortable to use in your daily diets and cooking.

Paleo followers enjoy eggs from ducks as a more primal choice. In a modern world today, we can still savor the tastes, textures and the benefits of these wonderful nuggets presented to us from pasture raised ducks living on small, sustainable family farms.


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