The Recipe for Elderberry Pickled Eggs with Red Raspberries

Easy to make as appetizers or gluten free desserts, Elderberry Pickled Eggs with Raspberries are delicious. Don’t just add this egg recipe to your list of DIY projects; add the ingredients to your next shopping list now. And don’t shy away from this egg recipe because of the work in peeling hard boiled eggs. Tackle them with ease following the icy water technique to peel a plenty for this recipe in 5 minutes.

First of all, I recommend securing a good quality egg starting with cage free eggs as minimum but step up to organic eggs. Or then top off the selection with pasture raised eggs. But whatever eggs you choose should still provide a delightful platter of tastiness.

Elderberry Pickled Eggs Recipe

I will start from the point of having your hard cooked eggs already peeled. I have a basic recipe I call my 2, 3, 4 recipe for creating a brine for hard cooked pickled eggs: 2 parts sweetener; 3 parts vinegar; 4 parts water and seasoning/flavorings. And so we proceed with our elderberry pickled egg recipe.

1 dozen hard cooked peeled eggs

1 cup honey

1.5 cups vinegar

2 cups elderberry juice concentrate

2 teaspoons salt

Place the eggs into a wide mouth ½ gallon jar or other tall glass container. Mix the liquid ingredients well. Add salt and continue to mix. Then pour over the eggs and let set in refrigeration for at least 24 hours. Several days will help the flavor and color to penetrate more.

Make sure to stir the eggs around a couple times during the brining process. This will make sure to get all the surface of each egg exposed to the brine. And you may want to use a clean white cloth to cover the eggs so as to keep them submersed under the juice. You will not want the eggs too tightly packed into the container or you will not get a nice coloring all around each egg.

Serve with Raspberries, Honey and Cream

Additional ingredients needed

24 fresh red raspberries

1 tablespoon honey

3 tablespoons fresh cream

Once the eggs have been pickled, slice them in half and pop out the yolks into a bowl. You may spoon them out but applying a gentle pressure from the bottom of the halved egg along with sideways gentle movement, they often will pop out without the need of a spoon.

Next add 3 tablespoons of cream to the dry yolks along with 1 table spoon of honey. Mix in 12 of the fresh raspberries. (Save the best looking ones for garnishing on top of completed egg halves.) Stir this mixture well with a fork.

Place the egg halves onto an egg platter. Fill each egg with a nice spoonful of the yolk mixture, dividing it equally into all the halves. And then place one of the fresh raspberries on the top of each egg. Fill the center of the egg platter with the remaining 6 whole elderberry eggs. Serve as an appetizer with slices of cheese. This dish can also be as a refreshing salad dish.

Or if you need gluten free desserts, this certainly is sweet enough to offer then. Carry this platter with you to the next tea party! High protein food without starchy carbs. And sweetened with natural sweeteners – a healthful win in beautiful cuisine!

elderberry pickled eggs
Elderberry pickled eggs with red raspberries

Reuse the Brine

You may want to cook and peel another batch of eggs to make another batch of pickled eggs. This brine should keep a couple weeks in the refrigerator and be valuable for decorating eggs a few more times. Just keep in mind the potency will weaken with usage but you may as well continue enjoying elderberry pickled eggs!

Or you may opt to use some of the brine as a vinaigrette dressing for on salads. And keep in mind the possibility of slicing these elderberry pickled eggs to top a leafy salad or toss them in with a toss salad. So many ways to use the high protein, nutrient rich nuggets. Enjoy and share with others. Be creative and discover more applications for beauty and the discerning palate.