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Do you have Red Beet Pickled Eggs on hand?

Red beet pickled eggs provide high protein snacks for weight loss. But they are great to eat as a side dish with any meal. Or you may want to use them in egg recipes such as deviled eggs. So good for winter meals and even better with summer picnics! 

Pickled eggs rings another bell of common food from my childhood. Mother would cook up a kettle of older eggs when our hens were laying more eggs than we were selling. And then our family would enjoy what many call Pennsylvania Dutch Red Beet eggs. To us they were just pickled eggs and they were delicious.

And since then, I have tried pickling eggs with other ingredients and have what I consider to be other creative ways to make eggs that can be really delicious and high protein snacks. I will discuss that in other writings soon.

Red beets and eggs offer health benefits

But since we are looking at red beet eggs now, remember that red beets do offer some very strong health benefits of iron for blood health as mentioned in an article at Well-BeingSecrets.com. Lutein, valuable for eye health, comes strongly in the yolks of eggs but also presents its benefits in red beets. Additionally red beets provide digestion health, and can be valuable for detoxification. They fight inflammation and help lower blood pressure. Hurray for the red beet eggs! They bring health to the table! And provide healthy high protein snacks!

The biggest challenge most folks find in working with hard-boiled egg recipes is peeling the eggs. But if you try the icy water technique that I find to be the best, maybe your family and friends will enjoy more of these high protein nuggets on a regular basis. I hope you find that procedure to be useful.

Easy to remember Pickled Egg Recipe

Once you have the peeled eggs, the recipe is very simple. I call it my 2, 3, 4 recipe. I use 2 parts sugar (or 1.5 for raw honey), 3 parts vinegar, and 4 parts red beets in their juice. And for example, if I want to pickle 1 dozen eggs, I will use the following:

1 dozen hard boiled eggs

2 cups sugar (or 1.5 cups raw honey)

3 cups vinegar

4 cups canned red beets in water

½ teaspoon of salt

Dissolve the sugar or honey in the vinegar. Place the eggs into a gallon jar or other tall container so as to keep the eggs submersed in the brine. Put red beets on the top of the eggs and pour in the vinegar and sweetener with the salt. Keep in refrigeration.

Allow at least 2 days to get the eggs colored and flavored well. After the first day, a thin layer around the outer edge of the whites will be colored and flavored. You may serve them like that especially if you were to use these as deviled eggs or some other egg recipe where you will cut them in half and only want a coloring on the outside without caring about the flavor.

Feel free to save this 2, 3, 4 idea with your egg recipes. Use more eggs for high protein snacks and healthy food for weight loss and naturally good sustenance.

Make now and eat later

You may keep these eggs in this brine for up to a week and longer. The longer they stay in this brine, the more the color will penetrate into the eggs. Eventually the yolks will look discolored by the red beet juice and will not present the beauty usually associated with the red beet pickled eggs.

You can slice these eggs onto a green leafy salad for a colorful dish as well as a flavorful one. Or you may want to cut them in half and place them on an egg plate to serve your family and guests.

You may find varied ways to enhance them from here. Arrange fresh parsley around them. Sprinkle a bit of dill weed over the top. Or place a bit of Mayo on them. They can really add beauty to a table of food.

And do not forget these pickled eggs make excellent snacks for after school treats or take along to work foods. Don’t neglect breakfast any more. Keep a jar of these in the frig for any morning when you don’t feel you have time to sit down for a healthy breakfast.

Or use them for your supply of eggs during the egg diet for weight loss. Some folks recommend eating at least 6 eggs and even more per day for weight loss. Certainly if you are considering a keto diet, eggs provide high protein snacks.

Choose small farmed, local eggs

Remember to use pasture raised eggs for the best source of nutrients. Even if the yolks of some commercial eggs look bright like a pasture raised egg, in well may be a result of adding certain ingredients in the feed to make consumers think they are getting a value-added egg while only getting a commodity product. True pasture raised eggs contain more CLA and other values that enhance weight loss and healthful body maintenance.

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