Natural Sourcing CLA for Balancing Immunity

We struggle with many food allergies. We look for anti inflammatory whole foods to help us cope with arthritis. And we need to build immunity against all the viruses floating by as we intermingle with fellow shoppers and gather with families for reunions. We wish for weight loss to happen overnight but it doesn’t. We want to eat clean but what is clean? What natural benefits of CLA found in sheep milk yogurt made with whole milk possibly have for us?

CLA from Sheep Milk Yogurt

Sheep milk is not real common in America. But in Lancaster County, PA, a number of grass fed sheep dairies have opened up and interest is growing for more. It not only makes a nice small farm project, it also provides a high quality healthy, whole foods.

But why grass fed sheep milk and sheep products? Since sheep produce the highest levels of CLA of any mammal, sheep yogurt is a great way to ingest more naturally occurring CLA. And with the much less allergic reactions to that of cow milk and even goat milk, sheep yogurt from whole milk may be an option you will find healthful for your body. (Remember taking the fat out of dairy  takes the CLA out if it too. Eat clean whole foods.)

And remember that sheep milk is more seasonal than goat milk which can even be difficult to obtain during the early winter months. But sheep milk and sheep yogurt freeze well and taste wonderful even after being frozen.

CLA to fight colds

Some studies have shown that CLA consumption results with less colds and flu. As our immune systems are strong, we are better fit to counter the viruses and even pathogens we might be confronted with. Instead of eating meats grown with antibiotics, eat clean grass fed meat and dairy.

Anti inflammatory CLA food

Inflammation is at the core of many diseases. With CLA being an anti inflammatory agent, it is sought after for health benefits. Some question the values and there is more research conducted daily. What all might we learn yet about it? But meanwhile we can start increasing our natural intake of it by choosing  whole foods that aid in weight loss and building our immunity.

Inflammation in the air passages causes asthma. And CLA at times can improved asthma symptoms. Instead of taking more supplements of CLA for asthma, get it naturally each morning from a glass of whole milk, raw from 100% grass fed cows.

CLA for Food Allergies

There is possibly a healing connection between Celiac Disease and CLA. When our bodies are fighting inflammation, we are much more likely to react to foods that otherwise we could healthfully ingest and benefit from. And so this point actually is related to anti-inflammatory issues.

In conclusion, Eat Clean Whole Foods

We have many blessings of health. We live in a land of an abundance of food. But we still face challenges of nutrition and health. We will always need deal with this since we live in a world created perfect but placed under a curse due to man’s fall into sin. Death is inevitable.

But while we live, we do well to try to maintain healthy diets and eat clean whole foods that supports our immunity. We should maintain a healthy weight. At the same time we do not want to focus obsessively on weight loss. Moderation is good.

And as we choose healthful foods, we will consequently find our food coming more from small farms and sustainable practices with family involvement. Equality and the care for the well fare of all our fellow men should become more important.

I personally wish you good health and longevity. Eat lots of naturally CLA rich anti inflammatory foods from small farms. And take time to enjoy the small details along the busy road of life.