CLA for Cancer Prevention and Blood Sugar

Excluding CLA supplements, grass fed beef commonly comes to mind for a source for CLA. And besides considering it for cancer prevention, some CLA can help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. We have the blessing of an abundance of food. But we really should consider more natural health foods and less high carb cheap junk foods. Clean eating may cost a bit more but taking care of health is far better than recovering it.

CLA and Cancer

We face many toxins in our world. Cancer kills. And so, cancer prevention and treatments concerns many whose occupations have placed them in danger. And more than 13,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in the US. In fact, billions of dollars annually flow for studies and experiments surrounding cancer. Why not take care and pay attention to what we are eating?

Various studies of supplemental CLA effects on cancer yields mixed results. But it seems the naturally occurring CLA stands with more credibility and naturally would seem logical. And other sources tell of consistent positive effects on cancer from CLA. However, we understand every person is made differently. Their body may or may not react to in the same way as others.

Some studies point to CLA giving a death blow to cancer growing cells. Other studies showed that CLA slowed the growth of blood vessels needed to grow cancerous tumor cells and thereby greatly benefited treatments for it and provided prevention against it. And yet another study showed that women with higher levels of CLA present in their bodies were less likely to develop it even though they held high genetic chances for it.

Health foods from grass fed sources provide naturally occurring CLA for clean eating.

Cancer Tutor says this about CLA

The effect of CLA is more powerful than any other fatty acid in modulating tumor development . . . Even more significant is the fact that only relatively small amounts of CLA are required to achieve its wonderful effects. The studies showed that to produce healthful benefits, only 3 to 4 grams of CLA daily are required.

CLA affects insulin

Studies show that moderate CLA intake helps with insulin sensitivity, thereby promising benefits for diabetes victims. But again, pills as a source of CLA may not give you the positive health benefits of clean eating grass fed foods.

And since CLA offer weight loss, this can make a significant difference on blood sugar factors for once obese folks. So simply, one of the health benefits of losing weight presents itself in better blood sugar levels.

Clean Eating with More Health Foods with CLA

Again, remember the butter from 100% grass fed cows. Do not despise healthful fatty acids. No guilt needed. The fats are important health foods for you. Besides the butter, choose 100% grass fed yogurt, 100% grass fed cottage cheese and 100% grass fed organic milk. And snack on 100% grass fed cow milk cheeses. Swiss Villa offers you clean eating via a nice selection of 100% grass fed products, even including eggs for you CLA health food benefits.

Trash the pills. Eat well.