32 oz Super Tonic

  • Immunity Builder
  • Detox
  • Opens Sinus
  • Season Meats
  • Made In Lancaster PA
  • Old Time Home Remedy
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Super Tonic 32 oz.

Bold, robust aroma of Swiss Villa Super Tonic can clear sinus congestions. But additionally you might want to add a touch to your steak marinate. Or consider the attributes you would reap from a dash on the bbq chicken. Even grassland beef burger steps up a notch with a touch of true flavor from super tonic. Add a 1/2 teaspoon super tonic with a thin slice of grass-butter to the grass fed beef steak and burger just as it comes off the grill.

And if you are not starting the charcoal grill, add a touch to the fried chicken for dinner. Or you might drizzle a little on the fried cheese sandwich.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

If you have been acquainted with the health benefits of ACV, you will know why we might suggest pouring a bit over the meat loaf once it is ready to serve. And beyond that, it plays a role in bbq sauces and steak marinades. Also vinegar along with the peppers, onions, and more help to tenderize the lean grass fed beef in a steak marinade.

Hot, Pungent, and Bursting with Benefits

Garlic health benefits the heart and provides a colon cleanse and detox. Cayenne peppers clear phlegm for our throats and opens the tear ducts. Horseradish does much the same but with a differing pungency from that of garlic or cayenne peppers. Onions provide stronger immunity along with calcium for better bone health. We are told ginger reduces pain and inflammation. Find here a powerful combination of pungency. In other words, a touch of fire super tonic goes a ways.

Cleanses and Cures?

Well, I am not able to say that. We cannot promise anyone health from the goods we sell to them. But in conclusion, as we believe in the health benefits, we can try to convey what we do understand from studies published.

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Swiss Villa



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  1. William Kellagher

    Bought a small bottle at a farmer’s market in PA when I was home visiting my family. Loved it, so I ordered a large bottle. Highly recommend! Fast delivery

  2. Lisette W.

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