10 oz. Raw Alfalfa Honey


10 oz. Raw Alfalfa Honey Very Mild Flavor Canadian Honey Unheated Unfiltered Enzyme Rich Healing Properties Antioxidant Sampler Size Stockin’s Apiaries

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100 % Canadian 10 oz. Raw Alfalfa Honey.Unheated, unfiltered, nothing removed, nothing added, a healthy choice! Processed at Stockin’s Honey.

Stockin’s Apiaries ALFALFA honey comes from beekeepers in Saskatchewan, Canada, and they find it to have a consistent flavor and texture. They know the beekeepers personally and are very pleased with their practices.

  • 10 oz. Raw Alfalfa Honey
  • Unheated
  • Unfiltered
  • Nothing Removed
  • 100% Canadian Honey

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Weight 17 oz

Stockin's Apiaries




10 oz.


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