Garlic Turkey Sausage 1 oz. Fingers


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  • Valley Belle
  • Garlic
  • 16 – 1 oz. Finger links
  • Frozen
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Garlic Turkey Sausage Fingers

Remember those slow cooker recipes calling for chunks of sausage? Now you can fit these sausage fingers in the green bean casseroles. Top off that potato casserole with a layer of turkey sausage before adding the shredded cheese.

Just a nice savory taste of garlic provides a real taste with real high protein meat with less fats. Fries up nicely to serve with scrambled eggs. Or fits well for grilling too. Packed with 16 fingers in collagen casings (halal and kosher approved).

Or you may simply wish to place then into the oven in a baking dish to brown for serving to your family for dinner.

Garlic Superfood for Flavor and Health

Our palates enjoy a touch of the aroma and flavor of garlic. But so do our hearts. Nutrients and vitamins in garlic provide vitality for a healthy cardiovascular system. Furthermore according to Dr. Axe and other health experts, garlic should boost your metabolism. Consequently a better metabolism should produce weight loss for better wellbeing.

Turkey for Tryptophan

You might have heard that turkey contributes to relaxation for a better sleep. Studies have found a nutrient, tryptophan in turkey. This nutrient contributes to our ability to naturally produce serotonin for sleep and relaxation. Furthermore studies indicate tryptophan can contribute to a milder, gentler mannerism. Can turkey meat provide mental health wellbeing? Possibly more studies will make that clearer.

Protein Rich with Lower Fat

Some diets for weight loss still insist on lower fat intake. But the Keto diet, Atkins diet, and many others has touted high protein for weight loss and body building. The Valley Belle Garlic Turkey sausage has lower fat content than pork and beef sausages. Select this white meat sausage, full of easy-to-digest protein for your on line grocery shopping at Swiss Villa.

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