Ancient Peoples Knew the Crystalizing Facts on Benefits of Honey

Egyptians considered honey sacred food. And interestingly, honey found in ancient Egyptian tombs was still edible recently. But the benefits of honey have been challenged with modernization. Have we lost the antioxidants and healing properties of raw honey? Could raw honey possibly be a help in weight loss? In a world of increasing antibiotic-resistant bacteria, does raw honey’s antibacterial benefits offer an answer? So just what are the reasons to choose crystalizing healthful Raw Honey Benefits?

Honey Benefits, Raw for Healthful Antioxidants

Raw honey contains numerous types of antioxidants. Our bodies benefit in various was in fighting against disease causing free radicals by our consumption of more antioxidants. Health practitioners recommend eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables due to the phytonutrients in them. Raw, unfiltered and unheated honey holds this antioxidant package for us to ingest as well.

Therefore aging diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other such conditions may be checked with consumption of raw, unheated honey.  Pinocembrin, an antioxidant, improves cognitive function. And antioxidants in honey act as antidepressants.

Also antioxidants help to counter the degenerating activity process of aging. Some studies show it boosts memory.

Consider raw honey mixed into golden milk for healthful control for asthma. Include it in uncooked recipes to replace other sweeteners. Raw honey can sweeten your home made raw yogurt for premium benefits of healthful enzymes.

Our hearts too, get protection from the bad LDL cholesterol with these antioxidants. If you have concerns about your cholesterol consider adding a tablespoon of unheated honey every day to your diet.

The Honey Prescription: The Amazing Power of Honey as Medicine by Nathaniel Altman reports on studies at John Hopkins University. One antioxidant in honey called pinostrobin protects humans from cancer and heart diseases. And note that buckwheat honey is especially high in this antioxidant. Raw honey has more antioxidants than pasteurized honey.

Another antioxidant, the mineral selenium promotes healthy thyroid and immune systems. And our bodies utilize selenium better by the consumption of raw honey. Enjoy raw honey and hopefully reap the benefits of better health.

Benefits of Honey — Raw and Antibacterial Properties

Raw honey benefits us with its antibacterial properties. This is because raw honey creates hydrogen peroxide, which cleanses wounds from germs. The antibacterial properties in raw honey even kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Always Healthful Living’s web site offers a few recipes for using honey as an application to the skin.

Raw honey includes the nectar based propolis which kills bacteria. Bee propolis works as an antifungal and anti-viral agency. Knowing this crystalizes another reason to choose the raw honey option.

But quite interestingly, honey does not kill all bacteria. In fact, raw honey benefits our digestive systems since it feeds lactobacilli bacteria. This is the bacteria found in raw fermented goods such as kimchi, kvass, and sauerkraut. Because of this, some folks use raw honey for better digestive health.

Honey Benefits, Raw for Needed Energy and Vitamins

Sports drinks with raw, unfiltered honey are a wonderful source of energy. The many vitamins and minerals in this honey help our bones and muscles during workouts.

 Raw honey can destroy parasites. Dr. Oz. recommends that you enjoy a smoothie with raw honey to cleanse your body of any possible parasites.

Cancer is a dreaded disease. Raw honey benefits in destroying some tumor cells. Furthermore, cancer patients find help to counter the adverse effects of chemotherapy by eating raw honey.

Furthermore, raw honey is an alkaline food. Cancer patients looking for alkaline foods may especially want to consider raw honey as a home remedy mixed with raw apple cider vinegar.

Raw, Unheated Honey Benefits of Healing Properties

Are there healing properties in honey? In addition to raw honey healing wounds, it also gives relief to sunburns. Even more serious types of burns heal more quickly with the application of raw, unheated honey on them.

Sore eyes find rest and healing with unfiltered honey. And use it as a sleep aid.

Does raw natural honey helps acne? Yes. You see, besides its cleaning properties, it contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that brightens the complexion, evens out skin tone, and lightens scars and age spots.

Wash your face with this honey every morning. Soak nails in a honey mixture to strengthen them. Use honey as a hair conditioner to control dandruff and obtain healthy scalp skin. The healing properties of honey nourish the skin and heal sores and wounds naturally. 

Bad breath disappears with the use of honey that is raw. Again refer back to its antifungal and antibacterial benefits. And then consider that too along with battling a sore throat and colds.

Soothing your sore throat with honey that is raw can be more effective that powerful cough medication. Raw, unstrained honey mixed with raw milk and turmeric provide a natural night-time cough suppressant.

Honey, Raw Benefits with Healthful Sugars

Interestingly, raw honey balances blood sugar. And so it should be used above processed granulated sugar. Some diabetics find it to be advantageous for them to use. It depends on the person’s body conditions as to how much and how well he will respond to the sugars in the honey. And we must remember that moderation is important in all things, especially with sugary foods. Benefits of honey might be better by using it raw.

Could honey be a solution in the desire for weigh loss? Various sources recommend raw honey before going to bed as a means of assisting in weight loss. Supposedly this enables to the brain to stop hunger cravings while you are getting your rest. And at the same time, your liver is given the need nutrition to function at its best.

And last of all, raw honey alleviates allergies. Many folks know this. Yet we still have so many allergy problems. Is it simply that we are not getting enough raw, unfiltered honey? With the varies healing properties of honey in its natural state and its positive affects on the immunity system, authentic honey should be strongly considered when dealing with allergies.

Local honey is the best since the pollens from local flowers may be causing your problems. But as a whole it is healthful and provides stigma for healthful immunity. Enjoy the benefits of honey, eating crystalizing healthful, honey still raw, by making it part of your daily diet.

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