Sleep apnea, diabetes, asthma, and other maladies bring challenges to humanity. But turmeric may hold some relief, especially when used in Golden Milk. I personally have found relief for my asthma by using my homemade golden milk using the Swiss Villa raw milk and coconut oil. But I am not alone on this subject. This old world drink has caught the attention of many today. Why does Dr. Mercola say turmeric might hold over 150 potentially therapeutic activities? And Dr. Axe considers turmeric better than anti-depressant medications.

Personal Experience with Asthma

Personally I had started using golden milk due to a perpetual cough from asthma. But then it made a remarkable difference for my snoring as well. Then I changed the recipe a bit. Soon I was coughing more and my wife asked, “What are you doing different than what you had been doing? You are snoring a lot more than when you first started with that drink.”

Well, at first I had used raw milk in the solution but then I thought I needed mainly the turmeric and coconut oil for the treatment. Why bother with adding the raw milk? But I decided either it was not going to be a long term help or else I did need the raw milk for the evening drink. And so, I added my raw milk again and once more, found relief from coughing and slept much better without snoring! I have kept it as a regular practice since.

Raw Milk Offers Better Sleep

Remember Grandmother suggested a glass of milk before going to bed? Well, she had for a good reason. Milk contains the amino acid, tryptophan that promotes sleep. Of course. That makes good sense. Consider how today there is so much less consumption of raw milk. Is there a correlation to the sleep apnea epidemic of the times?

And so really, pure milk holds an important additional part of why golden milk helps you get a good night’s rest. Calcium from raw milk is much more available to the body than pasteurized milk as that processing kills the enzyme, phosphatase, which helps our bodies assimilate the calcium. And proper calcium aids in good sleep and restfulness. But don’t forget the calcium of the cows’ milk in true golden milk benefits in weight loss. Lose weight while sleeping by drinking golden milk!

But then too, liver function has an effect on sleep. Turmeric helps to detox our livers. Consume turmeric naturally in golden milk without going to the supplement shelf to sort for a wholesome source.

Try to relieve sleep apnea with golden milk. Push the snores away. You might want to try this before you buy a machine to sleep with every night.

And so, get a good night of rest; drink golden milk made with un-denatured raw milk, coupled with detoxifying turmeric and coconut oil. 

Golden Milk with Lots of Fats

Many golden milk recipes prescribe coconut milk as an additional fat for the mixture. Others recommend to make it with using Ghee. Fat enhances effects of turmeric.

Again, we might do well to consider the values of consuming whole milk versus the fattening slim milk! But even in addition to the fats in the milk, most everyone recommends adding coconut oil to assist in the assimilation of the turmeric values. Besides, the additional fats improve brain function, thus boosting night-time restfulness.

Other Benefits of Golden Milk


Considered one of the most powerful spices in the world, turmeric boasts a great reputation for its anti-inflammatory properties. In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, turmeric is used to treat arthritis.

Helps in Dealing with Colds

Turmeric is rich in vitamins. Use the golden milk to help fight colds and the flu.

May Benefit Diabetics

Golden milk can help in dealing with diabetes. We know diabetes is a major concern in our society.

Improves Gut Health

And why not try to improve your digestive health by drinking this mixture every night before going to bed?

Better Heart Health

And yes, notice this; Golden Milk may be beneficial for cardiovascular health. Turmeric supposedly prevents the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Turmeric for Cancer

Not only does turmeric prevent cancer but it also fights cancer. The APPS Journal say that turmeric kills cancer cells.

Other reports as well say that studies show turmeric is advantageous in the treatment of cancer. If drinking golden milk with raw milk every evening  would reduced cancer possibilities for you, would you be interested in trying it?

About 5% of turmeric is curumin. This acts as a pain reliever. Often golden milk recipes call for black pepper to be added to for better results due to effects of piperine in black pepper on the curumin in the turmeric.

Add Other Spices as You Desire

Feel free to dump some extra benefits into your custom mix for variation or to address other issues. Many folks include ginger; cinnamon can add a nice boost as well. You decide if you want to include nutmeg, cloves and more to remind you of an egg nog or a pumpkin spice latte.

Garlic and red pepper also add clearing agents for use in golden milk.

Sweeten with Raw Honey

If you wish for a sweet drink of golden milk, add a little raw honey to your evening treat. It presents many anti-oxidants for healthy living.

Using Golden Milk

Make refreshing popsicle sticks with golden milk. Or use it as a base for custards. Enhance your raw milk yogurt with turmeric for a likeness of golden milk. Or blend some frozen bananas with golden milk for a summer afternoon refreshment. Be creative with this beautiful bright yellow healthful drink.

My Personal Golden Milk Recipe

Each evening before I go to bed, I prepare a cup of golden milk. I put about a 1/2 inch of water in the bottom of my mug, and then a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil. Often it is more like 2 teaspoons. Then I proceed with a well-rounded teaspoon of turmeric. I heat this in the microwave for a minute. Then I remove it and stir it well. At last I pour in the raw milk which brings my drink to a nice warm temperature. This has certainly helped with my symptoms of asthma.

And it sure beats the cost of a cpap machine if it helps with sleep apnea.

Bonne Nuit!