What is the Value of Drinking Raw Kombucha?

Ry Guy’s Kombucha by Clark’s Cultures in Clark Summit, PA presents a healthful choice for a source of probiotics. Whether you are looking for improved joint health, a digestion aid, or a detox, consider raw kombucha health benefits.

Youth and aged consume it for its health benefits. As with many items used for health benefits, some folks claim real benefit while others skeptically doubt it does any good whatsoever. And so, each person will need to sort through all the talk and decide what to try. We want to improve our health. And we want to eat healthfully in order to help prevent cancer and other maladies we commonly face in today’s world. Many folks declare it has benefited them very well.

 For the most part, folks will accept the fact that our diets do affect our health. Furthermore, science researcher have done their work. And more recently, they have produced more documentation of these studies. And so we conclude more positive health benefits are associated with the consumption of varied nutrients, enzymes and healthful bacteria found in raw foods. Yet we admit that each person must decide for themselves as to what they will consume while more studies and works continue looking at the scientific evidence of the benefits of kombucha.

Commonly known, this raw fermented tea packs loads of healthful probiotics. These probiotics help aid in digestion and in absorption of nutrients. This then grants us many healthful benefits.

Some folks use kombucha as a detox. The liver is benefited from an acid that helps to produce glucuronic acid which binds poisons and expels them of out of the body. And there other such liver beneficial acids from kombucha promote healthfulness.

Works for Athletes

This drink is used at times to alleviate joint pain. In fact numerous athletes use kombucha for relief to their knee joint health.  Put spring into your step. Drink raw it regularly.

Some folks claim that drinking kombucha lowered their blood pressure. Also claims say that it increases blood circulation as a result of thinner blood.

Enhanced skin health, clearing up acne, and alieving psoriasis is another reason people drink kombucha. Try it in a bath soak. It is considered good for better skin tone and less wrinkles.

Some studies show kombucha reduces bad cholesterol. But not only does it lower bad cholesterol, it also raises the good type of cholesterol.

Yet other folks use it for a shampoo and a hair rinse. But even drinking kombucha enhances healthful hair, and can reduce the loss of hair, they say.

Choose a Local Source to Enjoy Kombucha Health Benefits

Worldwide folks drink this fizzy raw apple cider-like beverage and report favorable health benefits from it. But often larger producers pasteurize it. Why not drink it raw as real living foods should be.

And you have a choice. Brave it if you like! Swiss Villa offers Ry Guy’s Kombucha from Clark’s Cultures. Look for it in your locally owned market or health food store. Ask you local market if you cannot find it. Keep supporting small farms and businesses!