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The Saving Essentials of Raw Fermented Sauerkraut

Ships carried precious cargo but scurvy spoiled the sailors. Death at sea was overwhelming. What could be the answer? Raw fermented sauerkraut with an abundance of vitamin C and digestive enzymes? Raw sauerkraut offers what for our health?

Sauerkraut (the German term for sour cabbage) is indeed considered to have been a real factor in overcoming the devastating and deathly disease of scurvy. What are the secrets of this super food? Does its vitality hold important nutrients for us today?

Vitamin C was deficient in the foods the sailors were eating. That was a major cause of the scurvy issue. Sauerkraut definitely made a deference. You see, fermenting cabbage escalates the vitamin C and antioxidant levels seriously. Studies show that there can be up to a 20 or more times increase of vitamin C resulting from this fermentation.

Common colds and flu prevention is often pursued by a better supply of vitamin C. Why choke down those extra boluses of supplements? Just eat real raw food full of it! Prepare your body for the challenges of the viruses long before they present themselves. Sauerkraut – savvy prevention against the common cold.

Fermented Sauerkraut Must Be Raw for Real Values

So is just eating sauerkraut the answer? Is all sauerkraut of equal value? You can pick it up off the canned goods isle in the supermarket, find it at the local orchard sealed in a glass jar, or pick up a pack out of the freezer at the local butcher shop. What’s the best? This is a million dollar question when thinking of health benefits associated with sauerkraut.

First of all, remember that real uncooked kraut is a living food. If it is cooked, it has been heated and sterilized, thus killing the digestive enzymes and life of the kraut. It still will taste good but will lack the great stash of probiotics found in the raw, fermented uncooked form.

Another important fact to consider in your selection of sauerkraut is whether it contains vinegar. Vinegar-made kraut is not fermented and will not give you probiotics. But raw food is living food. Dine in the delight of the delicate vitality of small-farmed, raw, local, and lively!

Eat Raw Fermented Sauerkraut — Not Capsules of Probiotics

Raw, fermented kraut contains up to 100 times more probiotics than a probiotic supplement. But remember, you must be select unpasteurized, raw, uncooked, sauerkraut to get these good bugs for your body’s health.

Research tells us that consuming it may prevent cancer. Furthermore, the probiotics in the sauerkraut attack cancer cells. A few spoonsful each day could certainly be worthy of consideration for a daily diet.

Enzyme Rich Foods Provide the Most

Raw sauerkraut is full of viable digestive enzymes. Enzyme rich foods help us digest our food and get the most vital nutrients from it. Digestive enzymes are valuable for our health in reducing inflammation and relieving pain. And so, eat enzyme rich foods; not dead pills.

Uncooked Sauerkraut for Better Vitamin B12 Assimilation

Vitamin B12 is so important for our nervous systems. But vitamin B12 assimilation into our bodies can be a problem. Low levels of this important vitamin to start with may be because we try to ingest dead pills instead of eating living food. We must have proper enzymes such as intrinsic factor for vitamin B12 assimilation into our bodies. And biotin is a B vitamin that helps with vitamin B12 assimilation and other B vitamins. Biotin is produced in the fermentation process; another reason to eat raw, fermented, uncooked kimchi.

This is also a good source of Vitamin K which is needful for quality bone health. Besides the vitamin K source, it is rich in calcium. Magnesium is also present and is quality for bone building.

A diet for weight loss should include some sauerkraut. When you need a snack, spoon out a bit of it. It can satisfy your hunger.

Raw Sauerkraut. Full of bioavailable nutrients from Raw Fermentation. Real food with digestive enzymes. Those are important facts to keep in mind when preparing food. Don’t settle for the sterilized, lifeless forms of it. Vive in Raw Vitality!

Look for Swiss Villa Raw Sauerkraut

Swiss Villa wishes to thank you for considering goods offered via our food hub. We desire to assist small farms and start-up businesses to be sustainable by assisting them in marketing their high quality, nutrient rich foods. We understand uncooked kraut as we offer is one of the enzyme rich foods that can provide consumers with healthful eating. Thanks for your support.