“so good in glass

. . . because milk always tastes so fresh and wholesome when it comes from a clean, shining, easy-pouring bottle. Because glass is so pure it adds no taste of its own, nor does it take away any of the natural goodness of rich, health-building milk. Ask your dairy and grocer for milk in safe, dependable glass bottles.” (Quote from an ad from Glass Container Manufacturers Institute 99 park Ave N. Y.) Wholesome raw milk in glass milk bottles has not completely fallen into a thing of the past. And neither is the goodness of whole milk, fresh, unpasteurized and non homogenized offered to you in the old fashioned glass milk bottles. And clean eating might call you to request your milk in glass!

Recently a faithful customer of ours sent us an advertisement from an old magazine published in the mid 1900’s. It promoted using glass milk bottles for a clean, unaltered taste of the natural freshness and goodness of real milk. Isn’t that amazing how folks compromised good taste for the disposable plastic milk jug convenience?

Here is what our customer says:

I have been your customer for several years. I buy raw milk weekly in a glass jar through Fairgrounds Poultry/Carl Fisher at the Allentown Farmers Market. Your milk is wonderful. I drink it and make kefir or yogurt with it.

I came across this Glass Container advertisement in a magazine from the 1950/60 and thought of your dairy. Maybe you can use it somewhere.

In any case it gave me a reason to write and thank you for a great product — definitely better in glass. (C. Z. Allentown PA)

Thank you, C. Z for sharing this with us!

Wholesome and Refreshing old fashioned news and truth

This advertisement also spoke to folks of the health-building values of real cows milk! And that has not changed yet today. All the milk substitutes are not the real thing. They can only mimic in part what real whole milk offers! Consider the enzymes that help assimilate the calcium, found in raw milk. Then too, look at the naturally occurring vitamin D that comes in the un-denatured raw milk.

And the ad also mentioned the fact of safe, dependable glass milk bottles. I find it interesting that some folks do not want to handle the glass milk bottles because of their fear of breaking the glass. But what about the customer’s fear of plastic contamination? We know it affects the taste and studies show it may cause cancer. And so, what do you want? Wholesome whole milk in safe glass milk bottles? Or “safe” plastic jugs that will not break but that affects the taste of the whole milk and give off chemicals into the milk that might cause cancer to grow in your body? How do you rate clean eating?

Clean eating Raw Milk from glass milk bottles

Swiss Villa offers glass bottles of milk in 1/2 gallon and quart sizes. We are delighted to serve milk this way as we think it is the best way. Yet we have some customers who insist on only offering raw milk in plastic jugs. And so we try to serve everyone the best we can. But we still think the glass is best for clean eating. Because we understand it is the cleanest way to purchase wholesome whole raw milk!



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