Enjoyed it as a Child 

From my early childhood, I recall that most often for Sunday dinner, Mother would serve dressing, made with turkey or chicken broth. But also she served it at Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas dinners. And we loved it. It was an easy to fix dish and was a good way to make a leftover chicken recipe or simple a chicken bone broth recipe. Prior to the Paleo Diet publicity of today, we ate good food!

And now I have adapted this chicken bone broth recipe into what I call the Italian Bone Broth Dressing.

Spelt Flour Bread

I have chosen to use white spelt bread from Sylvia’s All Natural Spelt Bakery. Spelt digests much easier. And you don’t need to worry about GMO’s in spelt. Old world grains have gluten. But the binding powers of that gluten is much less than the modern day wheat has been developed into. Thus the easier digestion and less allergic reactions.

Antibiotic Free Chesapeake Choice Chicken

The chicken broth can be the leftover broth from a baked chicken. Or you may wish to pursue making broth from the Chesapeake Choice Chicken necks. Bone broth is returning from the forgotten past home cooking through the publicity of the Paleo diet. Interestingly, Mother always believed bone broth was good for you. And she would can excess from sources that would otherwise discard it. We would enjoy simple warm broth and soda crackers for a light lunch some days. Or a piece of warm toasted Spelt-n-Oatmeal Bread gives a similar nutritious light meal for children and adults. I still enjoy the simple food, especially on a cold day.

Raw Milk from 100% Grass Fed Cows

We always used raw milk from the family cow. In fact, we milked 2 or 3 and sometimes 4 cows and shared with neighbors and friends. But again, we generally had milk on hand for our chicken bone broth recipe of dressing. And if you live in PA, you can have the privilege of using the Swiss Villa Raw Cow’s Milk from 100% Grass fed cows.

But if you cannot purchase the Swiss Villa Whole Raw Milk, you may choose the 100% grass fed pasteurized cow milk from Oasis. And for those looking to avoid cow’s milk, consider the options of the Swiss Villa Raw Goat Milk or the Pasteurized Goat Milk from Liberty View Creamery.

Pasture Raised Eggs from family farming

Then for the eggs we had our own hens as well. But if you don’t have your own, I recommend sourcing them from small farms where they are pasture raised. Soy Free GMO Free Eggs from Swiss Villa might be available to you. Or if you want to stay with certified organic products, you may look for the Alderfer Organic Eggs.

And for the folks with egg allergies, you may consider the Soy Free GMO Free Duck Eggs. Some folks with egg allergies find these to be less reactionary. Furthermore duck eggs provide an alkaline food for our bodies.

Butter equal to European Butter

As for the last main ingredient, I recommend butter from 100% grass fed cows. Again, at home as a child I often sat and watched Mother finish her butter making by pressing the raw milk butter into her wooden butter mold. Then sliding the bottom panel off, she would press downward on the handle. And then, out slipped the squared butter block onto her cookie sheet spread with wax paper, ready to be wrapped for storage. The final product often displayed the wheat head patter on the bottom of the pressing block.

But if you do not make your own raw butter, I suggest you choose the 100% Grass Fed Organic Butter from Oasis. Again if you are avoiding cow’s milk, consider the Swiss Villa Goat Butter.

Now to the recipe itself:

Italian Bone Broth Dressing

1 ½ loaves Sylvia’s White Spelt Bread

2 Cups Chicken Bone Broth from Chesapeake Choice Antibiotic Free Chicken

2 cups Swiss Villa Whole Raw Milk

8 Soy Free GMO Free Eggs from Swiss Villa

1/3 cup 100% Grass Fed Cows Organic Butter

2 Tablespoon Italian seasoning

1 ½ teaspoon Real Salt

½ teaspoon Black Pepper

½ teaspoon garlic granules


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut Bread into approximately 1 inch squares.

Butter 9X13 glass baking pan, using about 2 tablespoons of the butter.

Then beat eggs and add bone broth and milk.

Next add seasoning, salt, pepper, and garlic granules to liquid mixture.

Place bread pieces into the butter baking pan. The pan should be stacked rather full.

Top with remaining butter, sliced and place liberally over the top of the bread pieces.

Last of all, pour the liquid mixture slowly and carefully over the top of all the bread, to spread the seasonings and liquid over all the bread.

After pouring liquid over the bread, immediately place into the oven and bake at 350 for 1 ¼ hours or until a knife inserted into the center comes out clean.

As a variation, you may add small pieces of chicken to this recipe along with placing the meat in along with the bread while filling the baking pan.

Or you may also use beef bone broth, turkey bone broth or mixtures of such as you might have available.

Hope you have been inspired!

Best wishes on you home cooking! Include your children in making this recipe. It is simple and can ignite their interest in providing good nutrition for themselves and the family. And it can teach the that simple activities hold great values and gives more satisfaction to the soul that the costly highly sought after arenas of our day. And furthermore, it is much more economical and you can eat clean healthful food daily this way.

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