Fry Up a Healthful Sandwich

Mushroom and leek jack fried cheese sandwich with sliced, hard cooked eggs — a mouthful indeed! But so delicious. Consider this grilled cheese recipe with using Sylvia’s white spelt bread, made with spelt flour. Or you may secure a gluten free bread if you need that. Then make sure you have some of that wonderful 100% grass fed butter from Oasis. And hard cook a few soy free eggs from pasture raised hens. Then get set for a hardy grilled cheese sandwich!

Here is what you will need.

2 eggs from Pasture Raised Hens

4 slices Sylvia’s White Spelt Bread

4 Tablespoons 100% Grass fed Butter from Oasis

8 oz. Swiss Villa Mushroom and Leek Jack Raw Milk Cheese

Hard cook and peel 2 eggs.

Remember to use the simple technic that you never need to struggle to peel those hard cooked eggs again. And as always, choose eggs with value, such as those from grass fed pasture raised hens.

After peeling the eggs, slice them for placing them into the cheese sandwich.

4 slices of Sylvia’s White Spelt Bread

The white spelt bread presents easier digestion than modern-day wheat where the gluten is very binding. But spelt flour does still have some gluten present, but is much more digestible.  And Sylvia’s bakery products are always GMO free.

And Sylvia’s All Natural Bakery offers Spelt-N-Oatmeal, Spelt-N-flax and Spelt-N-Tater. And these can work as well. But again, if you truly do need gluten free bread, remember spelt flour does have some gluten in it.

100% Grass Fed Organic Butter from Oasis

Don’t feel bad using this butter. It is high in CLA and other healthful fats. No worries about soy estrogens. No concerns of corn fats. And no animal by-products in the food chain. And simply the goodness of grass comes through in this premium, European style butter. But don’t settle for less.

Then lather the butter heftily onto the one side of each slice of bread. Then this will be the outer side of the grilled cheese sandwich.

8 oz. Mushroom and Leek Jack from Swiss Villa

Swiss Villa offers this mushroom and leek jack raw milk cheese. It is not something you will find just anywhere. But you’ll be glad to use it for this recipe if you get your hands on it. Ask your local health food store for it. Or maybe your local specialty cheese shop would stock it from Swiss Villa. And if not, perhaps they will order some in for you.

This cheese is made in Lancaster County in small batches in farmstead cheese houses. Since it has been aged 60 days, it can be sold as legal, interstate trade. And it is from 100% grass fed cows’ milk which gives a significantly higher level of CLA nutrients.

Next slice the cheese into thin slices for placing on the bread (approximately 1/8 inch). Then place a thin layer of cheese on. Then place the sliced egg on. And again, layer more cheese on top before placing the upper piece of bread on to prepare to fry a grilled cheese sandwich.

Last of all, get your skillet and set to frying your grilled cheese sandwich! Serve warm. Pars well with tomato juice.