Consider an Egg Diet to lose weight

Too many carbs. Too little exercise. And then we might just have the genetic make up to gain those extra pounds. As the time approaches for a New Year resolution, if you wonder how to lose weight, you may consider the egg diet. Like the keto diet plan, protein plays an important factor in this weight loss plan. How can you live on eggs and not much else?

There are so many ways to enjoy eggs. Scramble them in CLA rich 100% grass fed butter. Soft boil them. Hard boil them. That opens another huge arena of egg recipe options. Peel them and pickle them. Simple salt and pepper them. Or roll them in a savory mix of herbs and seasoning. And the list goes on.

Eggs boast to be one of the best foods for weight loss. Eat eggs to reduce the pounds gained during holiday eating. Their high protein content burn fats away. And they give you the satisfied feeling of being full better than high carb foods. And like the keto diet plan, the egg diet focuses on protein rich eating.

As with any plan to lose weight, there needs to be disciple in what you do eat. A New Year resolution will need more than a thought to accomplish a slimmer body. It will take some perseverance. Even if you do not follow a strict egg diet, you may find daily egg consumption to benefit your health and weight management.

But one exciting thing about the egg diet is that folks tend to use it for short terms. One testimony tells of losing 14 lb. in one week. You might even get results with a 5 day plan. But other how to lose weight egg dieting plans suggest sticking with it for 28 days.

Using how to lose weight quickly plans sparingly

Keep in mind that rapid weight loss is not really that healthy. Consider the better benefits to take a slower approach with adjusting your patterns of eating. A see saw approach of loss and regain can be a real detriment. But then again sometimes a short 1 week of dieting may just help you to get to where you need to be.

Some folks suggest to consume at least eat 6 eggs a day for this diet to work. Others give you the option of 4 eggs plus a number of veggies and fruits. Weight loss may help you get better sleep but also you need proper sleep to loose weight effectively.

And may I suggest that you take a little time to see what I have posted on how to easily peel hard boiled eggs. I think you may find this technique to work well and make eating ketone rich hard cooked eggs more “a peeling” to you!

Source your eggs locally

And please remember the added values of eggs from pasture raised hens. Small farms bring more sustainability to the community and equality to all people. Or if you choose your food from certified organic sources, consider small farmed organic eggs. Thank you for supporting small farms and businesses. Perhaps that could be another New year resolution to make: Buy more local, small farmed goods in order to implement your how to lose weight plans.