Foods rich-in-fat are not to be despised. In fact, healthy fats surface in many health food discussions. Whole milk replaces skim milk at the breakfast table. Coconut oil and real grass fed butter slip generously into healthy recipes. Fat bombs explode on Pinterest! But why search for good fats? What role do fats play in whole foods?

Where Did the Fats Go?

Healthy fats disappeared in yogurt, only to evolve into massive yogurt offerings twice as sweet as Lucky Charms. And obesity gained more weight on the scales of American statics while skim milk was to be the answer. Margarine slid butter off the shelf; but heart health issues increased to cause a second look at the slippery position this non-dairy fat held on our life expectancy. Paleo diets call us to return to native fats!

Egg Beaters and other egg substitutes were going to beat the fats of eating healthful egg fats only to be shown up as not a real good idea. Now we understand the cholesterol of eggs is a needed nutrient for healthy living. And so it is with whole foods news of whole milk.

Whole Foods Includes the Fat

We need better food. Whole milk represents whole foods. Whole eggs contain complete nutrients for life. Don’t we want to eat complete foods? Whole food? And so why change it all into some altered form and a partial, unbalanced food? Have we become paranoid about fats?

And so many of us have been choosing processed alternative milks versus the real milk, whole milk with the full fat content. But do we really know what all nutrients we are missing by choosing these process alternative foods? Real food has healthful fats, especially if it is slow food.

The absence of fats in foods does not necessarily provide a life giving food. Athletes need the fats found in milk. Full fat milk carries the attributes of super-human food. Enjoy!

Healthy Fats Enable Vitamins Assimilation

Some vitamins need fats to be able to become active in the body. This includes vitamins A, D, E, and K. Why short-change your vitamin absorption due to not consuming enough fats? Enjoy healthful fats for better health. Dairy from grass-fed or pasture raised cows contains more fat soluble vitamins and beneficial fatty acids. Find the fat bombs ready made, on the natural foods store dairy shelf; non-homogenized whole milk from local small farms.

Whole Milk Fats Aid Diabetic Prevention

Whole milk yogurt contains the natural fats produced as a whole food. And the fats in the milk and yogurt slow the sugar absorption, thus leading to lower blood sugar increases.

And so if you share diabetic concerns, think again before pouring on the skim milk. One study showed that those who ate the most high-fat dairy products had a 23% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who ate the least.

Dr. Mercola strongly recommends eating raw milk cheese made with full fat milk due to the valuable source of fat it provides. Whole milk fat bombs come naturally in real milk, never denaturized!

Eat Fats, Not Skim Milk to Reduce the Waist Line!

Studies show that folks who choose whole milk and full fat dairy products tend to have less weight gain than those who pick out the skimmed, low-fat or no-fat choices. And De. Oz reports that numerous studies points to less obesity along with whole milk versus skim milk.

One reason for this may be that the whole milk provides satisfied, sated feelings. And so, skim off the fat and you will experience more cravings for foods, which may well lead you to the cookie jar to try to find fullness. Or try the whole milk, raw milk diet for a 30 day weight loss.

Choose Fat Bombs in Yogurt

Look for full fat yogurts such as those by Lancaster Local where you will enjoy a non-homogenized fat in your dairy products. And homogenization is another topic for another day.