Going Back to School with Breakfast 

Back to school. Well, those days are here again. New school terms present new opportunities. What can you do to enable your child to study better; to get proper homework help; to benefit the most from school? Might a healthy diet breakfast present the best Act prep? Can students struggling with ADD and ADHD benefit from a fat laden breakfast? Or might you just settle for a bowl of totally sweet cereal? You don’t need to wait for Dr. Oz to tell you. Read further.

The Old School Might Have Been Right

The old saying goes, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. And that is what our great-grandparents did. They sat together as families to eat breakfast — eggs and bacon. But values have changed and homes almost seem to be as obsolete as the family breakfast. We rush and roar through life. Our children have no idea where good food comes from or even what is real, good food. And then to think of sitting together as a family for breakfast, . . . that would be the strangest thing — at least to many modern folks.

Our society suffers. ADD and ADHD challenges rise. Sadly some young parents in frustration leave their spouses to struggle alone and young innocent children suffer. Does the lack of eating breakfast together have something to do with dysfunctional living and broken homes? Does a Paleo diet offer hope for our dilemma?  Do our food choices affect our ability to think clearly, to act appropriately?

Fox News Reports Breakfast Importance 

Fox News reports about a new University of Alabama at Birmingham. The first meal eaten after a night’s sleep appears to program the metabolism for the rest of the day, the researchers found. Interestingly, fats fill a vital role in a good breakfast.

I plan to cover more details on this in the next few blogs. Some of these subjects cover breakfast fats for feeding the brain, improving liver function, building immunity, and absorbing vitamins. Can fats for breakfast provide homework help better than hiring a professional tutor? Will ADD and ADHD students benefit from a daily breakfast of eggs and bacon, and grass fed butter?

Go to Bed in Time to Get Up for Breakfast

Wake up refreshed after a good night of sleep. We all need our sleep. Don’t even think you are that much different from everyone else; you do need your sleep. And your child does too. Provide timely homework help so you can all go to bed in time. 

And remember, an important preparation for the next day’s success starts by calling an end to today in a timely manner. Plan for a healthy diet breakfast time before you go to bed. Start now for your children’s Act prep by feeding their brains daily each morning. And you day might be better as well!

Totally Avoid Sweet Cereal 

It is so easy to serve. But it is simply a bad choice. Real food takes only a few more minutes to prepare but provides nutrition that will help you function better throughout the day and end up with more productivity. “Haste makes waste” certainly applies with breakfast. And don’t waste the day with a lack of a healthy diet breakfast, even if it is not act prep day.

And you can always prepare a breakfast casserole the night before to pop into the over to bake while everyone is getting prepared for the day prior to gathering for breakfast. Don’t even have that sweet destructive cereal in the cupboard as a choice for breakfast. 

ADD and ADHA might be much less of an epidemic if parents would provide a healthful diet breakfast of whole milk yogurt, unsweetened Quinoa Queen Cereal, and scrambled eggs from grass fed hens fried in grass fed butter

Plan Ahead to Eat Real Food

Keep hard cooked eggs on hand. Pickle them for a longer shelf life and as a great snack! And as children go back to school, they will come home hungry. Pickled eggs make a healthy snack! Then they will perhaps need less homework help after recharging on fats from the pickled eggs. And better studies today will mean less Act prep needed later.

And if you want some toast, go for spelt flour breads. Then spread it generously with 100% grass fed butter. Or you might even want to make a fried cheese sandwich with hard boiled eggs.

Athletes Consider High Fat Breakfasts Important 

Successful athletes Mark Allen and Dave Scott eat high fat breakfasts! Bone health improves with high fat breakfasts. And so sent your children back to school with good nutrients that will enable them to build strength during their physical exercises at school. ADD and ADHD students can grow up to be very useful, high performance citizens but may just need a healthy diet breakfast before going off to study and recess activities.

And so if professional athletes consider high fat breakfasts important for success, consider it for your homework help for you child each morning. Don’t wait until the Act prep time comes around. Rather let him enjoy a wonderful school term of better scores than last year!

Every morning a new opportunity for a Healthy Diet Breakfast

How you break your nightly fast can determine some of your success for the day. I would like to encourage you to take the time to think ahead, make a choice that will be the best for you and your family. Start a practice today by preparing tomorrow’s breakfast now. Eat heathy great food for a better day back to school tomorrow! Look for more articles coming about benefits of eating a healthy diet breakfast.