The Role of CLA in weight management

A few years ago, dieticians abhorred all fats in their weight loss programs. But more recent science have evidenced there are healthy fats. Whole foods present full fat. And the Paleo template consider real food as grass fed for clean eating. Now we understand CLA, one of those healthy fats, should be included in weight loss plans. What should you consider for healthy fat burning foods? And the Christmas dinner has almost started cooking.

CLA a Fat Melter

Dr. Oz calls CLA a fat melter. He explained how this fatty acid will melt the fat and give your body a healthier weight. Many folks were impressed and have jumped on the band wagon of purchasing chemically produced CLA supplements.

Some studies show these artificially derived forms work while others cast substantial doubt. But choosing whole foods for full fat from grass fed sources is certainly more natural.

Many of the CLA supplements contain soy products. Choosing 100% grass fed milk, meats and butter steers you clear of all soy estrogen concerns.

CLA for Metabolism

CLA promotes metabolism and thus gains classification among the fat burning foods. 100 Ways to Super Charge Your Metabolism suggests CLA as one way in chapter 51. As your metabolism increases you should find the pounds slipping off a bit easier.

Some weight loss plans include Bulletproof coffee. The CLA benefits along with MCTs-medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oils activate metabolism and thus weight loss. Wake up with Bulletproof Coffee! And use 100% grass fed butter from America.

Weight Loss Plans by Full Fat Raw Milk Diet

A diet of only whole raw milk for 7 days or even 30 days helps some in weight loss programs. Drink a pint of milk with the healthy fats in the morning for your breakfast followed by more mid morning if needed to be sated. Again at lunch time enjoy another pint. 

And as boring as it may sound you might be surprised at how you feel by following up with yet more for the evening meal. Such a simple fat burning foods can assist in shedding pound, especially for those living in states with legal raw milk sales. Other benefits of a raw milk diets go beyond weight control. Enjoy CLA from 100% grass fed raw milk!

CLA resides in the fats of milk. When you purchase the fat free you are sure to miss any possible benefits from it. And many of the nutrients in plain full fat yogurt is hard to find in other sources. Grass fed milk may have as much as 5 times the CLA fatty acid than that of milk from grain and silage fed cows.

Grass fed whole raw milk diet present healthy fats for your weight loss plans. And enjoy the whole foods aspect of European-style yogurt versus the Greek yogurt since whey is good for weight loss.

Eating full fat foods for weight loss programs seems to be a paradox. Full fat yogurt is not a bad choice; the just fat free might involve more fat for you. Yet markets shout eat low fat dairy. And most of the Greek yogurt sold today is fat free. But most yogurt in general is not much better. Look for whole milk yogurt from grass fed cows.

Consider CLA from Eggs Too

Eggs are known as a good source of a balanced food. Choose eggs from grass fed hens to also raise the intake of this fatty acid even though it presents lower concentration than sources as found in milk and meats. And hens on grass diets along with grains have as much as 20 times more omega 3 than hens only on grain.

And remember the yolks of the eggs holds the healthy fats. Do not despise them. Truly, they are very healthful. Some folks use eggs for rapid weight loss. And there is where you will gain the CLA from eggs from grass fed hens. Eggs are not easily gotten from 100% grass fed sources but if you want soy free eggs, find them from pasture raised sources.

Grass fed Beef a Popular Natural CLA Source

Grass fed beef from can be valuable in weight loss. As Jo Robinson explains “Why Grass fed is Best”, she mentions the CLA health benefits. And the Gluten Free Society recommend grass fed meat for weight loss programs due to the CLA content.

As an additional benefit some folks consider grass fed products to be superior in taste. But even if the taste preferences may vary, the CLA facts are scientific.

Resolve to Eat More CLA Whole Foods

With the New Year approaching, many folks will again make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in 2017. But perhaps you will start now and move toward a lifestyle of eating more naturally occurring grass fed meat and dairy. And so, include more grass fed fat burning foods in your weight loss plans.

Swiss Villa offers grass fed meats, grass fed yogurts, grass fed butter, grass fed cheeses, grass fed milk and eggs from grass fed hens. We believe the best source of grass fed food is from small farms.