100% Grass Fed Lancaster Local Organic Yogurt

Looking for a local products? How about grass fed dairy products for better CLA intake? And non-homogenized full fat yogurt? There are numerous yogurt brands offering organic yogurt. But what is the best yogurt to choose?

Eat Lancaster Local Organic Yogurt — a Whole Food

The values of whey in yogurt has been overlooked with the Greek yogurt trend in America. Years ago, the whey, called Liquid Gold and consider as a cure for various maladies. And then today we have folks purchasing whey to source healthful muscle strength. Why not enjoy yogurt as a whole food and benefit from all the minerals in the whey while you enjoy the fats and protein found in the milk solids.

And then we could also look at the great waste of the excess of whey from producing Greek yogurt for the major yogurt brands. This can equate to huge volumes that at times causes stress on the area waste management! Let’s eat and enjoy nutritious whole food.

This yogurt is often referred to as a European style yogurt. Travelers identify the likeness of this to that of the best yogurt they enjoyed while traveling in varied countries of Europe.


Eat Lancaster Local Organic Yogurt – a Full Fat Food

Is your low fat yogurt making you fat? It might be sending you that way! The cry to reduce fats and eat manufactured, substituted fats such as margarine produced a significant rise in heart health issues.

Studies have shown that children drinking low fat or skim milk are more prone to obesity than those who use 2% or whole milk.

Many yogurt brands offer only low fat and skim milk yogurt. But remember, fats from milk does a body good.

And whole milk yogurt benefits increase when the cows eat grass diets without soy products and corn or other grains.

Eat Lancaster Local Organic Yogurt – a 100% Grass Fed Food

Grass fed dairy products catch the attention of more shoppers each year. Clean eating and healthful dieting awareness has grown significantly the last couple years.

Along with consumer awareness, come the scientific evidence of some of these benefits. And more comprehension of the health benefits of CLA and other fatty acids come to light through continued studies.

Go beyond the grass fed dairy to 100% grass fed dairy. There is a difference and you will taste it in some dairy items, especially the butter.

Eat Lancaster Local Organic Yogurt – a Non-Homogenized Food

Homogenization of the fats in milk might be one of the reasons the fats in dairy received the bad press they did. When these fats have been homogenized, their molecular make up is distorted and then become culprits for clogging up our arteries. And so, many folks have suffered strokes and heart diseases from complications of the homogenization of milk.

Choose the natural — un-denatured by homogenization– dairy products for you and your family.

Eat Lancaster Local Organic Yogurt – a Small farmed, Local Food

True to the name, this yogurt originates from Lancaster’s local farms. The small farms with heritage breed cows produce milk with sustainability and eco-friendly practices. We believe small family farms creates better communities with equality and care for man and their animals.

And so consequently, as you choose our products, you are supporting small family farming for healthy community economies. We thank you for your support. And we hope you enjoy the products and the health benefits of eating whole clean foods.