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Potent Tonic Clears Congestion

Some call it master tonic. But whatever you call it, Super Tonic detoxifies. It clears nasal congestion and phlegm. Try it and you will understand.  And then the detoxifying ingredients continue on into the body, to boost the immune system, stimulate blood flow, and give an all-natural health cleanse. Even parasites are said to be sent on their way! And many grandmas have touted the anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties of Super Tonic. Thus the name!

An All-Natural Food for the Immune System

Now we must be clear: in accordance with FDA regulations, we do not claim this product to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. While we suggest this product may be helpful to folks for varied maladies, we hold no medical degrees by any means. Please consult your trusted physician before making changes from your current prescriptions. We have our opinions. You have yours. We simply say what we have experienced or heard from others.

We believe a healthful diet will assist us in a healthier body.  But we also understand that regardless of our best efforts to eat healthfully, our bodies continue to grow old and decay until eventually death ensues. And we want you to understand we believe this process will always continue as long as time continues due to the curse of death because of sin. At the same time, we encourage healthful dietary practices to enhance the quality of life we can enjoy while here with our fellow men.

No one makes Super Tonic in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.  Instead, these all-natural ingredients grow in the sunshine with refreshing rain, drawing in nutrients from the soil. Simply put, you can just call Super Tonic food. And that is what it is. Just super-hot foods, concentrated for you to consume. Good food. Hot food. And pungent food!

Super Tonic for Health Cleanse

You will find the simple ingredients fermented in Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to be those of exceptional pungent properties. Apple cider vinegar has created its own following. Super Tonic simply accelerates and amplifies the cleanse.

And so rid your body of toxins. Get the blood flowing. This should bring vitality to tackle maladies.

Super Tonic for Phlegm and Nasal Congestion

Horseradish causes a burning sensation in your sinuses, nose and throat. Hold a small amount in your mouth for a few seconds. It can almost be overwhelming. But the pungent sensation is soon gone. Thankfully the airway congestion definitely receives some challenges. You might even feel some tears trickling down your cheeks. And perhaps you can smell again! Super Tonic brings you that horseradish benefit!

A common cold treatment, Garlic, not only helps to clear out the congestion and phlegm; it also builds the immune system.

And Cayenne Peppers stimulate circulation as well as open up congestion. No wonder a tablespoon of Super Tonic can spark vitality!

For many years Ginger played a role in natural remedies for treating colds and the flu. And so why not let the ginger in Super Tonic clear out your phlegm?

Onions contain quercetin and sulfur. Both help loosen and eliminate mucus from your chest. Another reason Super Tonic can ease breathing and provide relief from chest congestion.

Ask Your Locally-Owned Market for Swiss Villa’s Super Tonic

We have introduced Super Tonic into our selection of goods just in the spring of 2020. With having personally used it, I was pleased with the results. Then with Covid-19 impacting our communities, we felt we needed to make this available sooner than later.

Now some of our stores already stock it. But if you check out the store close to you and cannot find it, please ask for it. We will try to supply all we can. And we wish health to you and yours today and always. Super Tonic for super breathing! And breathe, it’s the oxygen for life!

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